7 Tips to Stop Bedwetting ...


Whether bedwetting is something new that has started to occur or if you are still struggling with helping your child to overcome it, here are some helpful tips. The following 7 tips to stop bedwetting cover a variety of options. Some might be just what you are looking for to help your child gain confidence and to eliminate some of the stress you both are feeling over the issue of bedwetting.

7. Offer Rewards

Some bedwetting issues can be eliminated with a little hard work. In cases such as this, the reward system might be a good one to try. Kids tend to need an incentive every now and then. Give your child a reward of something he/she would look forward to. It’s best to not use food as a reward, since this has the potential to lead to problems later in life. Maybe your child has a favorite park or a movie he/she has wanted to see. Determine how many days of having a dry bed are needed to earn the reward and post this data on a sheet where you both can keep track of it.

Desmopressin or Imipramine
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