7 Thoughts to Keep in Mind when Traveling with Children ...


Moving from one place to the other takes on a different set of challenges when traveling with children. Everything gets more complicated, starting off with packing your luggage and completing the checklist of essentials to bring from point A to reach point Z. Our fam bam recently traveled from Guangzhou (China) to Hong Kong to the Philippines, and I made it a point to share these seven thoughts to keep in mind when traveling with children:

1. Write Them down

We traveled with our 11-month-olds and there is too much things to bring: diapers, feeding bottles, milk, clothes, diaper rash cream, etc. There is so much to remember when traveling with children but your memory can only remember a certain amount of data. Make sure to write down the things that you need to bring so you don’t miss out something.

Use a Backpack as a Baby Bag
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