7 Ways to Have a Great Vacation with Babies and Toddlers ...


A vacation with babies and toddlers along is a completely different kind of vacation than you have probably ever known before. Everything is different, from dining out to the activities you choose. While it can still be enjoyable, it can also be a challenge. These are some hints to help you to have a great vacation with babies and toddlers along.

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Stay at a Family Friendly Location

This is not the time to choose a posh hotel where lovers go to get away. Not only will it not be what you need for your family but other guests may not welcome you and your little family. It is best to look for a family friendly location when you vacation with babies and toddlers. Not only will there be amenities you will appreciate but it will be a family friendly atmosphere. Instead of being welcomed with a bottle of wine, you could be welcomed with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and who doesn’t love that?


Have Realistic Expectations

It is important to have realistic expectations when you vacation with toddlers and babies. You can still have a really fun vacation but it will just be different than your pre-parent days. Realize that your baby isn’t going to take endless naps while you do whatever you wish. They will still be babies and toddlers. Enjoy that they are and find activities everyone will enjoy.


Take Grandma along

Some families elect to take grandma or another close family member along. This gives mom and dad a pair of extra hands. It also is a way to allow you to have some time to get out and explore the area as adults while grandma babysits. This isn’t an option for everyone but if you are close to grandma, it may work for you. It can give you the best of both worlds; vacation with baby and alone time on vacation.


Plan around Naptime

Regardless of where you are on this planet, babies and toddlers will still need their naps. Trying to take those away is going to result in a day that no one enjoys, therefore, it is best to plan your activities around naptime. Go out and do something in the morning and then again in the afternoon after their nap. This will give you a much happier baby or toddler,and a happier pair of parents.


Plan Things They Will Enjoy

Of course the vacation is not all about your baby or toddler but it is nice to think of some things that they will enjoy. You will enjoy seeing your little one happy, too. The pool is usually a hit. Zoos are something that everyone can enjoy. You just have to think a little creatively.


Go with the Flow

Your vacation with your baby or toddler will be much more enjoyable if you adopt this attitude. Decide to go with the flow. You can still make plans but make sure you leave some wiggle room. Don’t have anything set in stone. You just don’t know when your little one may get a tummy ache or be in a fussy mood.


Take Lots of Pictures

Take lots of pictures on your vacation with your baby or toddler. Even if your vacation doesn’t seem like it is the best one in the world at the time, you are still making memories. You will be happy that you have pictures to look back on later. Your child will enjoy seeing them when they are a little older, also.

Vacationing with babies and toddlers can be difficult but can still be fun, too. What tips do you have for other parents attempting this? Please share them!

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