7 Things Your Parents Don't Need to Know about You ...


Do you feel that there are things your parents don't need to know about you? As much as we love them, parents can find it hard to accept that we're grown up and have our own ideas. Maybe there are things they don't want to know! Here are some of the things your parents don't need to know …

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Your Sex Life

Of all the things your parents don't need to know about you, your sex life should be at the top. Openness has its limits! Be discreet when under their roof - even if your parents like your partner and know that you're sexually active, they don't want to hear anything! They don't need to know how many partners you've had or what you're into. There is such a thing as too much information …



How you feel about having a family is not something you should feel obliged to share either. Your parents don't have the right to pressure you to make them grandparents. If you don't know whether you want a family, or you definitely don't want kids, then keep it to yourself if you don't want to share. Grandchildren should be a bonus, not something that's expected.



Unless your parents are very liberal and tolerant, you can keep quiet about the fact that you have tattoos. It's your body, and as long as the tattoos are in places that you can easily cover up then your parents don't need to know. This is a smart move if they're likely to be shocked or critical.



Do you feel it's none of your parents' business how much you earn? Then don't tell them. It's your money, you earn it, and you're an adult. If they ask, tell them you'd rather not say. Money is a personal issue, and not everyone wants others to know how much they have - not even their parents.


How You Spend Your Money

If you earn your own money, then it's your choice what you do with it. As long as you don't expect your parents to help you out, they don't need to know what you're doing with your money. So if you spend all you have on nights out, and they think you should be saving it, keep quiet. Just don't assume that they'll help you with a house deposit.


Your Lifestyle

As an adult, your lifestyle is your own business. Unfortunately, some parents think that they have the right to veto your activities. So if your parents wouldn't approve of something you do, such as riding a motorbike, there's no need to tell them. Just don't roar up to their house on the back of a Harley!


It's all about setting boundaries and maintaining your independence. Remember, you're entitled to your hobbies, nightlife, and how you choose to relax. Although their concern comes from a place of love, too much parental scrutiny can be stifling. If you enjoy something that's within the bounds of safety and legality, embrace it without guilt. Just be sure to consider the impact on your relationship should they find out from someone else. Keep things balanced with discretion and honesty where it truly matters.


Childhood Misdeeds

If you feel guilty about something you did as a child, it's really too late. So stop worrying about it. It was a long time ago and really doesn't matter now. They don't need to know that it was you who gave the dog a haircut or broke the TV (they probably suspect anyway).

Some things should be kept from your parents because it's appropriate to be discreet. Other times it may be better to keep quiet simply to avoid hassle. You have every right to live your life the way you choose, but who wants to deal with loud parental disapproval? What do you think your parents don't need to know about you?

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I couldn't disagree more!

If you have a healthy relationship with your parents, there's no reason to hold back in any of these areas. In fact, many parents would be incredibly saddened if their adult children kept a lot of things from them. My parents and in laws would be for sure. My desire for my son and future kids is to have a trusting and open relationship with them where they feel safe to share anything. I'm sure most if not all, parents would agree.

my mom insists on knowing all these.

Totally agree. Talking to your parents about sex is awkward enough the first time. You don't have to make Mom your BFF in that department-that's what friends are for. How you spend your money's your business. I share a lot with my parents, but they're not up my ass on EVERY decision I make.

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