8 Things You Need to Know about Your Teen ...


The teenage years are tough โ€“ for the parents and the kids. I had and have a great relationship with my parents, but my teen years were still bruisers. Even when you have a good relationship with your teenage son or daughter, you have to be able to think back and remember what a hectic, frustrating, exhilarating period this is. The world is full of change and those six years often seem like one big, long mood swing. As such, there are certain things you need to know about your teen that can help you understand him or her, and that will allow the two of you to communicate better.

1. The Need for Privacy

Even when I was a kid, before Facebook but in the hale and hearty days of things like AOL and LiveJournal, my parents were wary about the people I encountered on the internet โ€“ and, of course, the people I met while I was out and about. Today, there are even more reasons to be concerned, but all the same, one thing you need to know about your teen is his or her need for privacy. Rather than tracking everything or trying to peek in private places, you should sit down and talk to your teen, and work out compromises. For instances, being your teen's friend on Facebook is one thing, but going into the page without permission is another.

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