7 Things My Parents Did That Made Me Who I Am ...


I am the oldest of four kids and while we may not have always gotten along with my parents, there are certain things my parents did that shaped us into well-rounded individuals. The four of us are all incredibly different. My parents were always very encouraging when we were interested in certain activities such as sports, music, and writing. They made it easy to reach our full potential in whatever endeavor we chose. Whether we succeeded or failed, they were always there for us. Here are just a few of the things my parents did that I am extremely thankful for.

1. Always Open

One of the things my parents did was to keep the lines of communication open. I have always been able to talk to my parents, my mom especially, about anything. She has always excelled at being my best friend while also being my parent. She found a wonderful balance of instructing me and being there for me. It really helped me when I was younger because I always knew I had someone to talk to or turn to when things were good or bad. Knowing that I had the ability to tell her anything at all stopped me from feeling the need to lie (usually…hey, every teen finds some reason to lie). The first time I had sex, I told her I did it. She made sure that I had used protection and the next day we went and got me on birth control pills. She made sure I knew all of the precautions to take and the consequences that could come if I failed to protect myself.

Family Dinners
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