7 Summer Learning Activities for Kids ...


Summer learning activities are essential, although your kids might balk at the idea of learning anything during their long awaited summer vacations.Whether you take them on weekly library adventures or embark on an epic journey to visit all the museums in your area before September, you have to keep your kids' minds sharp and active. Their teachers will appreciate it, and so will they – it's amazing what you forget between June and September. The good news is that summer learning activities can be great fun for you and your children, so much so that they'll clamor to learn something new!

1. Make Your Garden Grow

Many summer learning activities are easy to do without ever leaving the house, and they can benefit your entire family. For instance, growing a garden with your kids will teach them about growth, fertilization, nurturing, and what plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables need to grow. They can keep a progress journal, and jot down anything interesting – like the way ants have to feast on peony buds before they blossom! At the same time, your entire family can enjoy the bounty of your efforts!

Plan an Ongoing Museum Adventure
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