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7 Signs You're Ready to Be a Parent ...

By Alicia

Becoming a parent is a huge step to take in your life. It’s important to consider if you’re ready for that. These are 7 signs that you’re ready to be a parent. It’s a good general list to give you food for thought, too.

1 Your Life Isn’t Chaos

One sign that you’re ready to be a parent is the lack of chaos in your life. Your life is pretty stable. You aren’t constantly fighting with everyone. Your relationship is in a good place. You have goals and plans for the future.

2 You Enjoy Children

It’s important to make sure that you enjoy children before you have one of your own. To be fair, you’re going to have a lot more love and tolerance for your own child than you do other people’s children. But it’s good to ask yourself if you enjoy being around kids. Do you enjoy their little antics and sweet voices? If you’ve never met a child that doesn’t get on your nerves then it’d probably be a good idea to wait a bit longer before you become a parent.

3 You’re Ready to Put Someone before Yourself

Parenthood is not for the selfish. And you can be sure that it’ll expose any bit of selfishness you have. You have to be ready to put someone else’s needs and wants ahead of your own. It isn’t that you won’t matter anymore; you’ll always matter. It’s just about having your priorities in order.

4 Babies Melt Your Heart

If the mere sight of babies melts your heart then you may be ready to become a parent. This feeling is commonly known as the baby urge. The smell of a freshly bathed newborn is intoxicating and you can’t imagine anything more wonderful than cuddling a baby for hours. These are common feelings to have when you’re ready to become a parent. It’s also common to feel these when you’re ready to have a second child.

5 You Can Provide a Stable Life

Having a baby means responsibility and probably more than you’ve ever had before. In order to give your baby the best life possible, you need to have your own life in order. While there’s no perfect time to have a baby, it’s good to have a home and the ability to provide before you become a parent. Having a stable life is a gift to your baby. It helps to ensure their life will be pleasant and their needs will be met.

6 Kids Don’t Faze You

If kids completely unnerve you, then it might be wise to wait before becoming a parent. If you’re the type of person that isn’t unnerved by kids screaming, crying or acting like a creature from another planet then that’s a very good sign. Having the ability to handle children is important. It’s something that not all parents have even mastered yet. So if you’ve got this one then you’re ahead of the game.

7 You’re Ready to Give up the Party Scene

While there’s the option to leave your baby with a responsible sitter while you have a night on the town, it’s important to understand that life hugely changes after a baby. You may still go out and live it up but it’ll probably be less than you used to. Your baby has to be your number one consideration. It’s a good thing to give up the party scene or at least cut back. If you know that’s something you can do then that’s a sign you’re ready to become a parent.

These are 7 signs you’re ready to become a parent. How many of them do you have? Your comments are always welcome.

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