7 Signs That You're Catching Baby Fever ...

By Jasmine

7 Signs That You're Catching Baby Fever ...

Baby fever can attack both men and women at any time. For women, however, the irresistible crave is said to be in connection to the "biological clock" ticking away. Meaning, women will sense their fertility window declining or that Mother Nature is telling them that it's time to reproduce. The urge is most common for women younger than 40 who have never had a baby or who would like to try again. So, if you think this is perhaps you, here are seven common signs to help you determine if you've been infected with baby fever.

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1 You Constantly Bring up the Idea

Talking about it is enough to make anyone think that you've caught baby fever. Bringing up conversations in relation to pregnancy or having a baby is an obvious sign. Saying statements to your partner like, "We'll make the perfect parents some day," may reveal just how much you long to be a mother. Your significant other can also help you realize the fact that you want to have a baby. If he informs you that you constantly bring up the topic, that's all the proof you need.

2 You Want Sex More than Him

Do you find yourself lusting over your partner more than usual? Sometimes you want sex more than once a day, every day? It could be just hormones playing a part in your sexual desires; however, it could also mean that you're discreetly working on making a baby. If you and your partner commonly use protection or a contraceptive of some type, and for the first time you avoid it, you are taking a high risk! Therefore, you may not care if you end up pregnant because most likely that's something you want to happen.

3 You Browse the Baby Section

This one seems quite extreme, but it's very possible to browse the baby section without even noticing it. For instance, you're at Walmart shopping for groceries and as you make your way to the cash register, you make a pit stop into the clothing section. However, it's the one with the cute little onesies. Yes, you may just subconsciously want a baby. Also, another sign is while browsing baby clothes you say something similar to, "Aww, this is so cute. I can't wait to have a baby" or "This would look so adorable on my future baby." Admit it. You have caught the bug.

4 You Make a "Baby Names" List

What woman doesn't make a baby name list? Well, in most cases, it's quite clear that those who do are interested in having a baby sooner than later. The list doesn't have to be tangible either. It could well be names that you've made up in your head and have come to remember over time. Additionally, searching for baby names on the internet for your own personal amusement or pastime may be a sign as well.

5 You Feel Jealousy from Pregnancy Announcements

Another sign could be feeling envious towards other women who have recently announced their pregnancies. Here are a few examples: You could be browsing through social media and notice a post by a Facebook friend about her expectant bundle of joy, which just makes you feel like ‘so what.' You just want to cry for hours after finding out that one of your closest girlfriends is pregnant while you're not. You may think that all the pregnant women around you have left you behind, making you feel like getting pregnant is taking forever. If you come across any ounce of jealousy similar to the examples mentioned, then just maybe you're wishing you were too a mother-to-be.

6 You Have Pregnancy Paranoia

So, you're constantly checking yourself in the mirror to see if there are any major changes in the size of your belly. Since you want to be pregnant so badly, the smallest symptom of nausea or breast pains can cause you to assume that something is baking in the oven! Well, you may just have pregnancy paranoia. Of course, missing your next period is the common way to really tell if you're pregnant. So, until there are guaranteed signs showing that you're expecting, calm down a little and stop getting your hopes up.

7 You Desire a Puppy

Yearning to take care of a puppy could be a sign of baby fever. Typically, your desire to raise another living thing as your own -even if it's a dog, cat, turtle, or whatever - could indicate that you want to play the "mother role." Some women or couples who aren't fully committed to having a baby tend to substitute their true feelings for a pet. Although raising a puppy is nowhere near as challenging as raising another human being, it can temporarily help fill that void. However, you might as well face the fact that someday you will eventually replace that dog with a baby of your own.

Psychologists have determined that both pleasant and unpleasant experiences determine someone's longing to bring a child into the world. Whether it's hearing the laughter of a baby or the recent lost of a child, these experiences can be the source of what you're feeling. What are some other implications that you or someone else may be suffering from baby fever?

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I'm so happy I have none of these symptoms!

Yeeeey a wonderful App for my phone. :)

Ha me! I have a few things on this list

How do I create my own story??

#1 what if you joke about having in you is that also a sign?

15 with baby fever. lol #prayforme

15 with baby fever

Omg, so me. I'm only 20 though... If I was financially stable enough to have a child right now, I would! But I know I'm not :( can't wait till I am though :) haha

I'm 13 and I have baby fever. That's scary!!

im 16 and i keep bringing up the fact that i want a baby to my boyfriend and he said that he could give me one and i said okie but like i know we both are 16 but i been wanting a kid since i was 13 is that a bad thing because ik your not suppose to want a kid at the age of 13 but kids and babies are just so cute and i always wanted to see how my kids would look. but yeah i just want to be a mom you know because everyone said that i will do the same thing that my mom did but imma be a better one than my mom was.

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