7 Signs That Your Kid is Being Bullied That You Should Watch out for ...


Bullying is unfortunately still a serious issue in today's world, so if you are worried for your child’s safety, you should definitely pay attention to these next warning signs that your kid is being bullied. Statistics show that 160,000 children skip school every day because they fear being attacked by bullies. Studies also show that nowadays, bullying starts at a younger age and it’s more frequent and aggressive than before. Not all kids who are bullied tell their parents or their teachers about it and in the long term, this phenomenon can erode a child’s self-esteem and emotional health. These kids report high levels of emotional distress, loneliness, anxiety or even depression. Here are a few pretty obvious signs that your kid is being bullied that you should watch out for:

1. Your Child Does Not Want to Go to School

One of the most obvious signs that your kid is being bullied is the fact that they refuse to go to school. This is definitely a warning sign that should tell you that something is wrong, especially if your kid enjoyed going to school before. Talk to them and try to find out what’s bothering them, so you’ll be able to help them deal with this situation.

Unexplained Physical Marks
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