7 Signs That Your Kid is Being Bullied That You Should Watch out for ...


Bullying is unfortunately still a serious issue in today's world, so if you are worried for your child’s safety, you should definitely pay attention to these next warning signs that your kid is being bullied. Statistics show that 160,000 children skip school every day because they fear being attacked by bullies. Studies also show that nowadays, bullying starts at a younger age and it’s more frequent and aggressive than before. Not all kids who are bullied tell their parents or their teachers about it and in the long term, this phenomenon can erode a child’s self-esteem and emotional health. These kids report high levels of emotional distress, loneliness, anxiety or even depression. Here are a few pretty obvious signs that your kid is being bullied that you should watch out for:

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Your Child Does Not Want to Go to School

One of the most obvious signs that your kid is being bullied is the fact that they refuse to go to school. This is definitely a warning sign that should tell you that something is wrong, especially if your kid enjoyed going to school before. Talk to them and try to find out what’s bothering them, so you’ll be able to help them deal with this situation.


Unexplained Physical Marks

Have you noticed any unexplained physical marks on your child’s body lately? Do they have any bruises, cuts or scrapes that they are trying to cover or hide from you? If the story your child is telling you about how they got them doesn’t seem right to you, then try to dig a little deeper and find out the truth.


Unexplained Loss of School Supplies

Does your child often lose their school supplies but they tell you that they don’t know how this has happened? Also have you noticed any missing toys, clothes, books or electronic items? If some of these things are really damaged but your child keeps telling you that they’re only clumsy, even if you know this is not true, then just talk to them and help them acknowledge the truth.


They Are Afraid of Riding the School Bus

One of the signs that your kid is being bullied that you should pay attention to is the fact that lately, they’ve become extremely afraid of riding the school bus. They keep making excuses just so you will give them a ride to school and they are afraid of being alone. They always want you to pick them up from school and they seem pretty terrified and clingy.


Sleeping Difficulties

If you’ve noticed that lately, your child shows sleeping difficulties, if they often have nightmares and if they wake up crying, then something is definitely wrong. Even if, at first, they might not tell you what’s bothering them, try to earn their trust and find out what’s on their mind, so you’ll be able to help them face their problems.


Marked Change in Their Typical Behavior

Does your child show signs of anxiety, depression or any other emotional distress? Do they act like they are trying to constantly hide something from you, especially the things that happen to them while they’re in school? If so, then you should consider bullying as being one of the causes of their behavior.


Change in Eating Habits

Does your child seem like they’ve lost their appetite? Did they lose or even gain weight inexplicably? Do they always come home from school hungry? This sign should concern you, especially if you notice that your kid is not being themselves lately. Find out what’s bothering them and help them manage this problem.

There are a lot of things you can teach your child to do if they are being bullied. You, as a parent, must make sure you carefully document what’s happening to your child and if the situation gets worse, you’ll have all the evidence you need to report that abuse. Have you or your child ever been bullied? What did you do in that situation? Do you know any other warning signs that could tell a parent that their kid is being bullied? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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where was this when I was growing up! ugh, this is definitely an article every parent should see

the bullied ones parents are not the only ones that should be watching out for their children. all parents should be watching out if my child is having a normal school life. you never know if your child is being bullied or is the bully. they might not even be being bullied by peers, but by teachers too. it's very rare, but some adults can act very foolish!

it's very sad nowadays. it's not just the physical stuff to look at. now we have to monitor social media & texting. being a parent like Oprah says is the toughest job out there.

ahh that is pretty bad. But obvious.

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