7 Signs That You're Catching Baby Fever ...


Baby fever can attack both men and women at any time. For women, however, the irresistible crave is said to be in connection to the "biological clock" ticking away. Meaning, women will sense their fertility window declining or that Mother Nature is telling them that it's time to reproduce. The urge is most common for women younger than 40 who have never had a baby or who would like to try again. So, if you think this is perhaps you, here are seven common signs to help you determine if you've been infected with baby fever.

1. You Constantly Bring up the Idea

Talking about it is enough to make anyone think that you've caught baby fever. Bringing up conversations in relation to pregnancy or having a baby is an obvious sign. Saying statements to your partner like, "We'll make the perfect parents some day," may reveal just how much you long to be a mother. Your significant other can also help you realize the fact that you want to have a baby. If he informs you that you constantly bring up the topic, that's all the proof you need.

You Want Sex More than Him
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