9 Reasons You Should Babysit ...


Even though it may seem like a job for your middle school days, there are many reasons you should babysit. Watching little guys has a great way of bringing you back to the simple things and warming your heart. Though it’s probably less cash per hour than you’re used in your regular job, you’ll be surprised at the many benefits it still has to offer. So, as long as you like kids, next time a friend or neighbor asks you to sit for a bit, rethink it! Read on for 9 reasons you should babysit.

1. Joy

One of the first reasons you should babysit is for the joy it can bring. Kids of all ages bring back a type of childhood joy that you really can’t remember unless you’re around kids again. Just showing you toys, eating lunch or doing something right brings a huge smile across their face. That joy is easily picked up! You’ll see - watching little ones is a huge relief from the adult day-to-day stuff!

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