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7 Reasons You Need Friends Who Dont Have Kids ...

By Alicia

There are various reasons you need friends that don’t have kids. Of course you need other mom friends when you're a mom, but there is something to be said for the friends that don’t have kids. There are reasons you need both sorts of friends but for now, let’s talk about some of the reasons you need friends that don’t have kids.

Table of contents:

  1. They are less likely to cancel plans
  2. It keeps you connected with the adult world
  3. It’s a temporary break
  4. It reminds you that you are a person, too
  5. You get to talk about something different
  6. You can do things other than play dates together
  7. It makes you appreciate your life

1 They Are Less Likely to Cancel Plans

This is just one of the reasons you need friends who don’t have kids. They are much less likely to cancel out on you when you have plans together. Mom friends sometimes have to cancel because of sick kids or the babysitter cancelled. You can certainly understand that because the same thing happens to you at times, but it is nice to have a friend that this isn’t an issue with.

2 It Keeps You Connected with the Adult World

Mom friends are the ones that have your back and get you through the world of all things children. Your friends without kids can keep you connected with the adult world; you know - that magical place where you sip coffee in peace and you have a social life that doesn’t involve Disney movies. It’s nice to talk about things that are not centered around children. Enjoy just catching up on celebrity gossip and the latest hair trends.

3 It’s a Temporary Break

You love your life as a mom. There is no doubt about that. But it is nice to get a break from it at times. That is absolutely okay. Another point to remember is to enjoy your break because it makes you a better mommy when you go home again.

4 It Reminds You That You Are a Person, Too

When you are a mom, you can really get in the rut of thinking of yourself as just a mom. Being a mom is one of the most important things you will ever be. But it isn’t all you are. You are still a person and deserve to be reminded of that sometimes. Getting together with friends without kids can do this for you.

5 You Get to Talk about Something Different

Getting together withy our friends without kids is an opportunity to talk about things besides children. It’s nice to not spend time with a friend obsessing over which diapers are best or if your child is potty training or if they are reading as well as they should be for a six year old. You need friends that you can do those things with. But you need friends that you don’t talk about those things with, too. A balance of both is wonderful.

6 You Can do Things Other than Play Dates Together

Let’s face it. When you get together with other mommy friends, it is usually because your kids have a play date or you are taking your children to watch the latest animated film together. Getting together with a friend without kids is an opportunity to do non-kid related things. You can go out dancing or leisurely enjoy a cup of coffee. It’s nice to do adult things with a friend.

7 It Makes You Appreciate Your Life

You know what one of the biggest blessings of having a friend without kids is? It makes you appreciate your children. You are reminded how much you love them and how very meaningful your life is with them. It is nice to get a break but it is even better to go home and see their sweet little faces and collect their precious kisses.

These are 7 reasons you need friends without kids. Do you have any friends without kids? What are your thoughts on this subject?

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