4 Simple Reasons Why Princess Syndrome is Unhealthy ...


4 Simple Reasons Why  Princess Syndrome is Unhealthy ...
4 Simple Reasons Why  Princess Syndrome is Unhealthy ...

Have you heard of the Princess Syndrome? You probably have, but if you haven’t, it’s a syndrome where a young girl wants to live a life of a princess. But there are reasons why Princess Syndrome is unhealthy.

According to PsychologyToday.com, Princess Syndrome is when young girls only focus on the nice things in life. In most cases, they think they’re the center of the world. They love attention and are obsessed with how they look and love to dress like a princess.

Princess Syndrome could turn into an unhealthy attitude and in the long run, could pose as a real problem. If a little girl continues to live with the illusion of becoming a princess, she’s more likely to end up believing it.

She’s definitely going to have a hard time shaking it off. Instead, she’s going to grow up thinking she’s a princess. If she isn’t a royal, then that could be a real problem.

Here are 4 simple reasons why Princess Syndrome is unhealthy.

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It Paves Way to an Entitlement Mentality

One of the biggest reasons why Princess Syndrome is unhealthy is that paves the way to a state of mind called entitlement mentality. This is a state of mind no parent would want her daughter to have. Who would really want a daughter who thinks privileges are rights? A young girl, with an entitlement mentality, grows up thinking she deserves all the comforts in life. She will expect to be pampered all the time. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be able to build or strengthen her coping skills.


It Fosters Narcissism

If Princess Syndrome is not addressed right away, the world is going to have more and more girls who are narcissistic. Narcissism isn’t all that bad, according to Scientificamerican.com. Apparently, one who is narcissistic is very confident and charismatic. Unfortunately, that’s just in the beginning. Over time, narcissistic women become arrogant and aggressive. They may seem congenial and popular but they suck at relationships.


It Blurs the Line between Illusion and Reality

A young girl with Princess Syndrome is going to have a hard time identifying what is real and what isn’t. She is going to be clueless and she is going to have a hard time adjusting to the real world.


It Gives a Guy the Dumbest Reason to Become Prince Charming

It’s bad enough for a girl to think she’s a princess, but it’s even worse for a guy to think he’s a prince charming. If you think hard about it, even a real prince isn’t charming.

The sad thing is that there are guys who cultivate Princess Syndrome. There are dads who actually encourage their daughters to think and live like a princess. Even worse, some guys actually think they’re Prince Charming. They walk down the aisle with the promise to treat their bride like a princess. What a promise!

The point is, as long as girls live with the illusion of being a princess, there will also be guys who will live with the illusion of becoming a prince (a charming one at that). That could be a real problem because if you think about it, the world has enough of them already.

Do you think Princess Syndrome is a bad thing?

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