4 Wrong 👎 Reasons to Consider 🤔 Adopting a Child 👶🏻 ...


Adoption is a special journey that leads to an even more exceptional family. But there are some wrong reasons to consider adoption that you should be aware of.

People choose adoption for a host of reasons. Most of the reasons are good ones, but some are really bad ones. As an adoption advocate and adoptive momma myself, I have learned that there are early predictors of why some adoptions either fail or become traumatic journeys for everyone involved. If you find yourself using any of these three wrong reasons to consider adoption as justification to move forward with an adoption process. Perhaps you might reconsider, do some more research, or talk to someone familiar with adoption.

1. You Want to save a Child

One of the worst wrong reasons to consider adoption is because you want to be someone's savior. It’s amazing to me how many complete strangers look at my international family, and remark, “your children are so lucky” or “you’re such an amazing person to have done this.” What gets my protective instincts kicking in is that these people say this in front of my children! I know you’ve never done this to an adoptive family, but I bet you know someone who has. I’d like to settle this here and now. Our children are not lucky. My husband and I are. I’m not an amazing person. My children are. They are the ones who started life in crisis, loss, and grief and have come out the other side to try to recreate better endings to their stories! We didn’t “save” them. They still have struggles, just like we all do. In fact, they teach my husband and I more each day about resiliency and joy than we could ever teach them. If you think you’d like to “save” a child, perhaps you should consider sponsoring a student across the globe. Or better yet, you might opt to become a local reading buddy, Big Sister, or mentor in your community. Remember, an adoptive family is a family, not a non-profit relief organization.

You Want to Be a Hero in Your Community
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