7 Reasons to Read Bedtime Stories to Your Kids ...


Reading bedtime stories to your kids may seem to be a very simple act done every night. It may seem boring and repetitive to some parents. Ten minutes may seem like a long time especially after a long day at work but remember that those 10 minutes can make a huge difference in the mental and emotional development of your children. If you are not already doing so, here are some convincing reasons to read bedtime stories to your kids:

1. Alternative Lullaby

Can’t sing or feeling awkward to strike a note to put your child to bed? Then try reading bedtime stories. We are fortunate in this day and age because of the availability of books and materials that we can use for “bedtime storytime”. Reading stories is an alternative lullaby that you may want to explore. It’s actually a good time to also practice pronunciation, diction and voice modulation.

Reading Culture
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