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36 Pairs of Baby Booties to Keep Tiny Feet Warm ...

By Eliza

If your baby is anything like minewere, shoes just don't fit that well, making baby booties a great alternative.They are great for keeping tiny feet warm in the winter, but you can findreally cute ones that also lend personality and style to your little one'soutfits. Baby booties can be handmade if you know how to crochet or knit, butyou can also find them in stores. Or you can always talk a crafty friend orfamily member into making you up a few pairs. Whether you have a little boy orgirl, you'll love putting tiny little boots on his or her feet.

1 Shaggy White Boots

Shaggy White Boots A stylish pair of baby booties likethese will make any outfit even cuter.

2 Baby Combat Booties

Baby Combat Booties Via Combat booties pattern by Janet ...
Chancesare you won't be able to find itty bitty baby booites, but you can surerecreate the look with these little beauties.

3 Bright Colors

Bright Colors Via Annoo's Crochet World: Spring Flower ...
Don't be afraid of color - babiesdon't care what they wear, but they love seeing bright colors.

4 Leather Baby Boy Booties

Leather Baby Boy Booties Via Modern DIY Leather Baby Boy ...
Ofcourse, baby booties don't have to be knitted or crocheted. You can also makethem from leather or fabric. Or buy them that way.

5 Denim Boots

Denim Boots Via Cirque Du Bebe: Step Right ...
Customizethe lining fabric to make these for a boy or a girl. Cute, right?

6 Basic Baby Booties

Basic Baby Booties Via Basic Baby Booties by MellonyBe ...
Thissimple pattern is easy to put on little feet and so much fun to look at too.

7 Tiny Buttons

Tiny Buttons Via Buttoned Bitty Baby Booties
Adda couple of tiny buttons to baby booties to make them different from all theother pairs you see.

8 Simple Design

Simple Design Theseare simple, but sure to keep tiny toes really warm when the temperature outsidegets cold.

karen where is the pattern?...

9 Embroidered Felt

Embroidered Felt Via A Feathered Nest: booties
A specialty baby boutique is sure tohave something like these.

10 So Tiny

So Tiny Via The New Days Blog: DIY ...
Thegreat thing about homemade baby booties is that you can make them as tiny asyou need them.

11 Use Fleece

Use Fleece Via LDS Mom to Many: Baby
Ifyou prefer a thread and needle over knitting needles or a crochet hook, usefleece to make warm, cozy booties.

12 Monster Baby Booties

Monster Baby Booties Via Monster Baby Booties(choose 1 pattern) ...
What baby boyisn't going to look totally adorable with these on his feet?

13 Lots of Stripes

Lots of Stripes Via GREEN ZEBRA - Crochet Baby ...
Stripes in all colors are perfect for a little baby's feet.

14 Baby Uggs

Baby Uggs Via DIY - Virkade Baby UGGs
Itty bitty Uggs are so cute, but pretty hard to come by, which means you should make your own reproductions.

15 Flowers and Buttons

Flowers and Buttons Via Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties Pattern
Make a pair of booties really girly by addind flowers and buttons to them.

16 Big Bows

Big Bows Via Weekly Update: Baby Set & ...
These big red bows make this pair of baby booties even more fabulous.

17 Boy Colors

Boy Colors Via Free Crochet Patterns: Free Crochet ...
Boy booties aren't as abundant as girl ones, but you can choose masculine colors to make your own.

18 Tiny Loafers

Tiny Loafers Via Baby Booties Crochet Easy Pattern ...
These look like tiny loafer. Or a pair of Crocs. Cute, right?

19 Cloth Baby Shoes

Cloth Baby Shoes Via Cloth Baby Shoes with Tutorial ...
Fabric scraps are perfect for making baby booties.

20 Mary Janes

Mary Janes Via Show Me Your Booties - ...
Give your baby a cute pair of Mary Janes like these, even if you can't find them in the store.

21 Slouch Boot

Slouch Boot Via Crochet Pattern # 217 Baby ...
Warmth and fashion? What more could you ask for?

22 Basketball Shoes

Basketball Shoes Via DIY Awesome Cute Baby Booties ...
Even your newborn can sport a pair of basketball high tops with these.

23 Pink and Ruffly

Pink and Ruffly Via Crochet Lace for Baby: 10 ...
The perfect pair of booties for a newborn little girl.

24 Fuzzy on Top

Fuzzy on Top Via Baby Winter Booties pattern by ...
Don't these look warm? And so adorable?

25 Owl Shoes

Owl Shoes Via
Since babies don't care what's on their feet, give them a pair that you love seeing.

26 Pink and White

Pink and White Via Cute Baby Boots Crochet Pattern ...
You can't go wrong with this simple color palette.

27 Add a Ribbon

Add a Ribbon Via SLIPPER PATTERN CROCHET | Easy ...
Weave a ribbon through the booties for some fun and flair.

28 Double Buttons

Double Buttons Via Crochet Baby Boots
Make your boots taller, then add two buttons instead of just one.

29 Animal Patterns

Animal Patterns Via
Aren't these cute little animals fun?

30 Fur Trim Baby Booties

Fur Trim Baby Booties Via Fur Trim Baby ... by ...
These are so cute! They would probably work for a boy or a girl.

31 Totally Girly

Totally Girly Via Interesantas, šūtas lietas (Fun sewing ...
These flowery, ruffly booties are so great! Too bad they don't make them in adult sizes.

32 All Wrapped up

All Wrapped up Via Zapatitos Kimono pattern by Esperanza ...
These are like a cozy sweater for your baby's feet!

33 With Socks

With Socks Via Baby Merry-Jane - Knitting Patterns ...
These cute booties look like they have socks under them.

34 Baptism Booties

Baptism Booties Via EMMA'S BABY BOOTIES Crochet Pattern ...
These would be great to pair with a baptism dress, don't you think?

35 Contrasting Fabrics

Contrasting Fabrics Via Lil' Baby Thangs Baby Sewing ...
Contrasting fabrics are perfect for adorable little pairs of baby shoes.

36 Colors

Colors Via Crocodile Stitch Crochet Baby Booties ...
Aren't these colors fabulous? Would you put these on your baby?

Did you put booties on your baby? There are a lot more trendy now then when my babies were tiny. Which pair is your favorite?

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