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28 Adorable Pairs of Baby Shoes You'll Want for Your Little One ...

By Eliza

My kids were close to a year old before baby shoes ever fit on their feet, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun to shop for them. I'm not sure how they size infant footwear because even the newborn size is often much too large for a brand new baby's feet. All the same, you'll eventually want to put some baby shoes on your little one, whether for function or just style. Have a look at these totally adorable options and you'll be ready for some shoe shopping.

1 CROCHET Espadrille Shoes

crochet,clothing,art,fashion accessory,hand, Via CROCHET PATTERN Baby Girl Espadrille ...
Could anything be cuter than these baby shoes? Perfect for a little one who isn't walking yet. If only they came in adult sizes.

2 With a Bow

footwear,pink,shoe,product,fashion accessory, Via Nautical baby girl shoes, Fabric ...
Nothing is more girly than a cute bow, so shoes for girls should definitely have one.

3 Baby Barefoot Sandals

footwear,leg,pink,finger,nail, Via Baby barefoot sandals , baby ...
Not much for warmth or protection, but these are cute, aren't they?

4 White with Coral Vines

color,red,clothing,pink,art, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
These would be absolutely adorable with a cute little dress and sweater, don't you think?

5 Super Fancy

clothing,fashion accessory,jewellery,headpiece,petal, Via Glamour baby girl shoes,Booties -Baby ...
These fancy baby shoes would be perfect for taking your little one to a wedding or having her portrait taken.

6 Baby Ballerina Slippers

footwear,shoe,brown,leg,fashion accessory, Via Baby Ballerina Slippers in Cheetah ...
These would be so comfy for a little girl, but super fashionable at the same time.

7 Baby Crochet Flip Flops

pink,crochet,art,petal,organ, Via Crochet Baby Strap Flip Flop ...
These are even cuter with the painted toenails. They don't look too hard to make either.

8 Fringed Boots

footwear,shoe,art,pattern,carving, Via CROCHET PATTERN #200 - Baby ...
What tiny little baby girl wouldn't look cute sporting these adorable boots?

9 Skull Shoes

footwear,shoe,product,slipper,font, Via Skull & Crossbones Baby Shoes ...
Whether you have a boy or a girl, there is a pair you'll love for your little one.

10 Flowers and Bows

white,clothing,fashion accessory,petal,headpiece, Via Silver Toddler shoes - Baby ...
When you're shopping for little girl shoes, you simply can't go wrong with bows and flowers.

11 Gray Chevron

white,art,petal,lighting,paper, Via Gray Chevron Soft and Fluffy ...
Well, these looks super warm, don't they? I wish they had a pair in my size!

12 Tiny Boots

footwear,knitting,art,shoe,fashion accessory, Via AK DESIGNS "Elegant Baby Shoes" ...
What baby girl doesn't need a pair of boots in her infant wardrobe? These are perfect!

13 Leopard Print

footwear,white,shoe,product,sneakers, Via
Leopard print and pink work well together for a girl.

14 Beaded Beauties

white,clothing,bridal accessory,wedding dress,fashion accessory, Via Michelle ... Baby Christening Shoes ...
There isn't much to add to the photo of these shoes. Adorable, aren't they?

15 Add Some Pink

pink,clothing,fashion accessory,crochet,art, Via Baby Shoes Baby Girl Booties ...
Pink on a pair of girl's shoes is a move you can never go wrong with .

16 Tiny Converse

footwear,shoe,sneakers,product,brand, Via Easter Round-up: Cool Treats and ...
With so many colors, you can easily find a pair that's perfect for your girl or boy.

17 Itty Bitty Loafers

footwear,eyewear,brown,pink,product, Via Nordstrom Online & In Store: ...
Again, there's a color palette for just about any outfit, male or female.

18 Mickey Mouse Baby Shoes

footwear,shoe,art,THING,LIAR, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
For the Disney lovers out there come these super cute shoes for a little boy.

19 Baby Vans

footwear,shoe,sneakers,leg,finger, Via Top Unisex Baby Names | ...
Baby Vans are so tiny and cute. They also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns so you're sure to find just the pair you want for your baby.

20 Silver Glitter

pendant,fashion accessory,jewellery,locket,finger, Via babyschoentjes, baby ballerina's glitter, dolly ...
Every girl, no matter her age, needs a pair of sparkly shoes in her closet.

21 Giraffe Baby Shoes

green,turquoise,fashion accessory,footwear,turquoise, Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
The colors of this pair of shoes is great! These would be my top pick if I had a little girl.

22 Crocheted Ballet Baby Booties

Fonteide,footwear,clothing,shoe,crochet, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
These are so cute! I'm not sure how comfy they'd be for a baby, but they're adorable all the same.

23 Baby Nikes

footwear,shoe,white,sneakers,product, Via Shoes!
Perfect for the stylish little guy in your life.

24 Denver Broncos Shoes

red,footwear,toy,shoe, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
I'm a Broncos fan, so these would be a must-have if I had a baby girl. Choose your own team for game day though!

25 Hiking Boots

clothing,glasses,footwear,vision care,organ, Via Be Mine
Your tiny son will look absolutely adorable sporting these tiny Timberlands.

26 Striped

footwear,fashion accessory,pattern,glasses,necktie, Via Shwin&Shwin
A baby boy would look so cute in these striped little shoes.


technology,gadget, Via NIKE JORDAN 4 RETRO (GP) ...
Another great pair of designer shoes for your tiny baby boy.

28 Flowery Boots

brown,clothing,footwear,fashion accessory,pattern, Via Joyfolie: Design a Day - ...
These would look so cute with a baby of infant leggings and a skirt.

Have you noticed that baby girl shoes are so much plentiful than ones for baby boys? That's the story of my life since I have three boys. Which pair would you put on your baby?

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