7 of the Top Picked Baby Names Throughout the Years ...


Recently, the Social Security Administration has released the top ten names for boys and girls in 2010. However, I wanted to look more into the overall popularity of a name over, say, 30 years. I found some results very interesting. I hope you enjoy finding 7 of the top picked baby names throughout the years!

1. Jacob

"Jacob" has been ranked the number 1 baby name since 1999 and has ranked in the top 10 boy names since 1993. However, back in 1981, it only ranked 43. I guess I'm a bit partial to this name, since my husband bears this name as a 1985 baby, when Jacob ranked 35 in popularity. I found it quite funny that from 1961 to 1973, Jacob didn't even make the top 100 baby names, but has now been in first place running for 11 years!

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