Never Let Your Baby Eat These 7 Foods ...

There’s something really magical about seeing your baby try a new food and watching them love it. However, babies are still learning to eat and their digestive systems are still developing so they can’t eat just anything. Some foods are even dangerous for little ones. Here is a list of some of the foods you should never let your baby eat. They’ll be happy without them and so will you. If you need more info, talk to your baby’s pediatrician.

1. Babies Should Never Eat Unpasteurized Foods of Any Kind

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Pasteurization helps cuts down on the dangers of certain foods that could cause food poisoning. Babies have an under developed immune system so something that you could eat with no problem could pose a risk to a little one. Avoid anything that is unpasteurized, including cheese, honey, juice or milk. The label will tell you one way or the other so it’s not hard to avoid the scary ones.

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