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There’s something really magical about seeing your baby try a new food and watching them love it. However, babies are still learning to eat and their digestive systems are still developing so they can’t eat just anything. Some foods are even dangerous for little ones. Here is a list of some of the foods you should never let your baby eat. They’ll be happy without them and so will you. If you need more info, talk to your baby’s pediatrician.

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Babies Should Never Eat Unpasteurized Foods of Any Kind

Babies Should Never Eat Unpasteurized Foods of Any Kind Pasteurization helps cuts down on the dangers of certain foods that could cause food poisoning. Babies have an under developed immune system so something that you could eat with no problem could pose a risk to a little one. Avoid anything that is unpasteurized, including cheese, honey, juice or milk. The label will tell you one way or the other so it’s not hard to avoid the scary ones.


Cow’s Milk Should Be Avoided until after Age 1

Cow’s Milk Should Be Avoided until after Age 1 Babies live on milk for the first few months of their lives, but not just any milk. Breast milk and infant formula is specially designed to meet the unique needs of a growing baby. Cow’s milk doesn’t fit the bill. Most doctors suggest holding off on offering your baby cow’s milk until he passes his first birthday.


Small Raw Fruits and Veggies

Small Raw Fruits and Veggies Yes, your baby should be eating fruits and vegetables after about the 4th to 6th month, but raw, hard ones are a choking hazard. That includes things like peas, grapes, carrot slices, olives and banana slices. Purees are best until your baby gets closer to his first birthday, but if you do decide to go fresh, make sure the foods are cut into very small pieces or mashed up so they don’t pose a choking risk.


Fruit Juice is a No-No

Fruit Juice is a No-No Yes, fruit juice can have a healthy place in a child’s diet, but a baby has a very small stomach so if it’s full of juice, there isn’t as much room for other healthy foods. Plus, many kinds of juice are very high in sugar, which is unhealthy for anyone, especially babies. More than a couple of ounces of fruit juice each day can also lead to a nasty case of diaper rash.


Fish High in Mercury Isn’t Good for Anyone

Fish High in Mercury Isn’t Good for Anyone Mercury is a chemical found in large species of fish and it can cause health problems in large doses. Because a baby’s body is so much smaller than yours, it doesn’t take much to cause scary levels. Never feed your baby shark, tilefish, king mackerel or swordfish. Salmon, tuna and trout are far better choices. If seafood allergies run in the family, don’t give your baby any seafood unless given the OK by your pediatrician.


Caffeine is Something That Should Be off Limits

Caffeine is Something That Should Be off Limits You know how you feel after one too many cups of coffee and it takes just a tiny bit of caffeine for a baby to feel the same way. There’s simply no reason why a baby needs caffeine anyway so it’s best to avoid giving them coffee, tea or soda because those items fill his belly without offering much in the way of nutrients. Water or milk are much better choices.


Stay Away from Whole Nuts

Stay Away from Whole Nuts Not only can whole nuts pose a choking risk, but for a baby who might have an allergy, it can be very dangerous to feed a baby nuts. Before offering nuts to your little one, get the all clear from his doctor. Then go with nut butters for safety reasons. Spread it very thinly or it can still cause a baby to choke. Nuts are a great source of protein and healthy fats so they can be a healthy part of a baby’s diet when offered correctly.

What other foods would you never offer your baby?

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Honey, fennel and veggies that contain nitrate!

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