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7 Foods to Avoid when Pregnant ...

By Jordin

If you are expecting a little one soon, here is a list of foods to avoid when pregnant that you may find useful! Most pregnant women are told right away to limit their intakes of sugar and try to up their fruit and veggie count, and that’s great advice! But what a lot of women are NOT told is foods that should be avoided for the safety of your baby. What you eat while pregnant can determine many factors for your child’s health, physically and mentally. What you eat may even determine whether or not your child is safely born. Please read on for a list of foods to avoid when pregnant!

1 Undercooked Meat and Poultry

One of the major foods to avoid when pregnant is undercooked meat and poultry. Bacteria found in red meats and chicken is very harmful to your baby’s developing brain! Cooking the meat thoroughly will ensure that these bacteria are not present on or in your food. Undercooked eggs and seafood present dangers as well, so make sure that you or whoever is preparing your food is thorough and cooks your food all the way through.

2 Alcohol

Alcohol is possibly one of the worst things to put in your body when pregnant! Depending on amounts consumed, you or your baby could be at risk for alcohol poisoning. No amount is considered safe, so please be very careful to read food labels and medicine labels to ensure that no alcohol can reach your little one!


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3 Seafood

Certain seafood is considered safe to eat when pregnant, but others should be avoided because of their high mercury content. Swordfish, shark, tilefish, and king mackerel are dangerous to eat while pregnant, so be sure and cross these off the list. Other seafood items can be consumed as long as they are properly stored and prepared.

4 Caffeine

Many pregnant women ask why they should avoid caffeine when pregnant. Caffeine is a diuretic, so it eliminates fluid from your system. This is very dangerous, since your body needs extra fluids when pregnant! Try to avoid or at least limit the amount of caffeine that you consume. Even “de-caffeinated” beverages aren’t the wisest idea, since they may contain trace amounts of caffeine.

5 Deli Meat

Deli meat can contain the bacteria known as listeria, and has been known to cause miscarriage in some cases. If you like to eat cold cuts from the deli, heat the deli meat first until it’s steaming. You can then pop it in the fridge to cool it off before making your sandwich!

6 Herbal Teas

Not all herbal teas are dangerous for an expectant mother, but a large number of them are. Talk with your doctor to find out which teas he might approve for your case, but nearly all pregnant women are encouraged to avoid chamomile tea. You can always make a cup of regular caffeine-free tea, and then add a drop of essential oil of your choice! Make sure it’s a safe-to-eat essential oil first!

7 Unpasteurized Milk and Cheese

Fresh cow’s milk may be something you crave when pregnant, but it may have the bacteria e. coli in it! Don’t risk putting you or your baby in harm's way. Soft cheeses are another item that most docs say you should refrain from eating when pregnant since there may be traces of e. coli or listeria inside. The same goes for unpasteurized cheeses, like feta.

As always, pregnant women should practice complete safety regarding any foods consumed. Wash all vegetables and fruits with warm and soapy water, and thoroughly cook any dish before eating it. And fast foods or processed foods should generally be avoided just to be healthier, for both mom and baby! What foods do you like to eat when you are pregnant?

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