7 Foods to Avoid when Pregnant ...


If you are expecting a little one soon, here is a list of foods to avoid when pregnant that you may find useful! Most pregnant women are told right away to limit their intakes of sugar and try to up their fruit and veggie count, and that’s great advice! But what a lot of women are NOT told is foods that should be avoided for the safety of your baby. What you eat while pregnant can determine many factors for your child’s health, physically and mentally. What you eat may even determine whether or not your child is safely born. Please read on for a list of foods to avoid when pregnant!

1. Undercooked Meat and Poultry

One of the major foods to avoid when pregnant is undercooked meat and poultry. Bacteria found in red meats and chicken is very harmful to your baby’s developing brain! Cooking the meat thoroughly will ensure that these bacteria are not present on or in your food. Undercooked eggs and seafood present dangers as well, so make sure that you or whoever is preparing your food is thorough and cooks your food all the way through.

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