8 Must-Know Tips for Getting Pregnant ...


Of all tips for getting pregnant the most obvious is, have regular sex! Donโ€™t worry about whether you are ovulating or not, if you want to get pregnant, have sex. Obviously you are much more likely to get pregnant at some times of the month than at others but it isnโ€™t always possible to predict exactly when you will ovulate. Therefore any list of tips for getting pregnant must include regular sex as it is the only way to be sure that all your bases are covered and opportunities are not missed. There are also plenty of other ways you can boost your chances so here are 8 Must-Know Tips for getting Pregnant:

1. Ovulation Kits and Fertility Monitors

An important tip for getting pregnant is to find out exactly when you are ovulating. Prediction charts have been available for many years but they are confusing and not particularly user friendly. The more recent innovation of ovulation predictor kits (OPK) are however, easier to use and an accurate way to predict when you will ovulate. Fertility monitors work in a similar way but also read the other hormones in the body. This type of monitor eliminates the need for any guesswork and is straightforward to use.

Have Sex Pre Ovulation
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