Great πŸ™Œ Ways for How to Teach πŸ“– Your Kids πŸ‘§ about Gender 🚹🚺 Equality ✌️ ...


The question of how to teach your kids about gender equality should be high on a parent's priority list. In recent years, it feels like within every news story and within every hot topic conversation, questions of gender equality and social justice are coming up now more than ever. Any time that the opportunity arises for you to talk to and educate your children on the basics of gender equality, we think that you should take it. Whether you are raising a daughter, or a son, or both, it is vital that they learn about the problems and processes of treating girls and boys in the same way. The younger this kind of information is instilled in a child, the more balanced and mature they will be as they grow. Of course, you can’t just forward a Huffington Post article to a ten-year-old, you have to come up with different ways to teach your kids about gender equality. Here are a few great examples.

1. Battle the Micro Messages

Without even realising it, kids can grow up in an environment where they are fed lots of little micro-messages every day that can be deemed sexist and misogynistic. For example, when boys in the playground won’t let the girls join in their football game, or when a lesson about having jobs in the classroom talks about boys becoming doctors and girls becoming nurses. You should always be on the lookout for these kinds of messages and be ready to let them know that those examples and comparisons aren’t fair.

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