7 Fun Ways to Ring in the New Year with Kids ...


If you can't get a sitter for New Years Eve, I've got a list of ways to ring in the new year with kids. Though the evening may not be what you'd planned, it can still be amazing. With these activities you could easily start a new holiday tradition that the entire family will enjoy. Here are 7 fun ways to ring in the New Year with kids.

1. Host a New Year's Eve Bash

One of the funnest ways to ring in the New Year with kids is to host a New Year's Eve Bash. There are several different types of parties that you could have. You could choose to have a party for your children and their friends, which you could turn into a sleepover. You could also have a party and invite all of your friends who have kids to join in your celebration. Even though you won't be going out, you'll still be able to spend the evening with friends.

Make a Time Capsule
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