7 Fun Spring Activities for Kids ...


Spring is almost here and that means it's time for fun outdoor activities! Here's guest contributor Michelle LaRowe with a list that all kids are sure to love!

After a long winter, getting the kids outdoors is very likely high on your to-do list. The fresh air, green space and opportunity to reconnect with nature make spending time outdoors a priority. If you’re looking for some fun activities to enjoy with the kids this spring, consider these ideas:

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Create a Family Garden

Kids love getting messy and gardening requires a mess. Starting a family garden is not only a fantastic way to teach your children about agriculture, but also to pad the family budget by planting edible goodies to harvest. Have each child choose their favorite fruits and vegetables to plant in the family garden. If your home is lacking in color, planting a flower bed is a low cost but entertaining way to spend a spring day.


Take a Hike

Although it may be a little muddy, a hike is a great way to reconnect with nature, get some fresh air, and wear out the kids. There are millions of designated hiking trails crossing the country so finding one nearby and at your children's skill level is easy. Whether it's a nature trail at a local park or a challenging climb to a mountaintop, hiking is a free and fun way to spend a spring day.


Tie-Dye Day

Making messy creations can be a burden during the winter months. While you may want to engage children in an interactive and fun activity, the mess and subsequent clean up can be a pain when it's too cold to go outside. To celebrate the warmer weather, have a tie-dye day outdoors. All you need is some white clothing, rubber bands, and fabric dye to create colorful clothing to wear throughout the summer months.


Picnic in the Park

The only thing kids love more than their favorite swing set or teeter-totter is food. Combine the two and make a day of it with a picnic in your local park. Pack your child's favorite sandwiches and sides and set up near the playground. Once you've worked up an appetite on the monkey bars, indulge in some cloud watching and afternoon snacks.


Fly a Kite

The breezy months of spring make it ideal kite flying weather. Don't waste the wind by waiting until summer to buy a kite. Take your child to the largest field you can find and be sure to pack enough kites for everyone.


Discover Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun way to engage children of all ages in the ultimate game of hide and seek, complete with prizes. Download a free geocache app or visit a geocache site to find out where treasures are hiding in your home town. Take the kids to search out the treasure and leave something for future treasure hunters. Geocaching is great for all ages as caches are sorted by difficulty.


Head to the Farm

It's not only the kids that come alive during the spring, the animals do too! Spring is a fantastic time to visit a local farm. Spend the day seeing the baby cows, sheep, and chickens as they discover the new world around them.

By summer, the sweltering heat will have you running for the pool. Until then, take the time to really enjoy Mother Nature and all the beauty that surrounds us during the spring.

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Yeeey geocaching. :)

taking them to pick strawberries and other fruits this time of season is fun too!

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