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I absolutely love the idea of spending focused time with my son and having special mom and son date ideas to act on throughout the month. There's something so unique and rewarding about setting aside special moments of intentional play that show your sweet boy that you love him deeply. Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with mom and son date ideas that are interesting, not too expensive and also worthwhile. Here are some idea for you and your boy that I think you'll enjoy!

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Cook a Special Meal Together

Kids love to help their parent's do things around the house when they are young and want to imitate the most important adults in their lives. My son loves to scoot the ottoman from the living room into the kitchen, stand on it and "help" me cook. Regardless of age, cooking together can be one of those awesome mom and son date ideas that you'll always have together. Pick his favorite meal and just have fun together in the kitchen, laughing and being silly while making some delicious grub!


Watch His Favorite Movie and Snuggle

Who doesn't love watching movies and cuddling on the couch? Let your son choose a cool movie and snuggle under a blanket while you enjoy each other's company. Pop some corn, snack on some yummy treats and savor the time you have together as mom and son.


Surprise Him by Visiting a Toy Store for Something New

I was at a book store the other day with my son and decided to let him pick out a new toy from their toy section. He was beyond thrilled to walk around looking and playing with all the toys and selecting the one he wanted most. He ended up picking a little tool set that he adores and brings along for any outing. It doesn't have to be an expensive or flashy toy - it's the sentiment that counts and element of surprise that will fill your boy with happiness and you with joy!


Ride the Local Train All over Town

Boys are synonymous with motor vehicles. Cars, trucks, planes and trains are generally favorite boy items. An adventurous idea is to ride your city's tram around town simply for the enjoyment of riding the train. Stop off at a couple places, perhaps a bookstore or lunch, but make the focus the train ride and how cool it is to watch the city quickly pass by.


Go out for Ice Cream

Ice cream is always a refreshing treat for any age! After dinner or just because, take a trip to your favorite ice cream parlor with your favorite little boy and enjoy a cold treat together! I am spoiled living in Portland where we have nationally rated eateries so it's a treat even for me to indulge in some fun-flavored ice cream! If you ever visit Portland, OR you must try Salt & Straw! You won't be disappointed and neither will your kids.


Visit the Zoo

Another fun mom and son date is to take a trip to the zoo. Kids are always in awe of nature and animals and the zoo provides that opportunity of amazement as well as gaining knowledge about the world around them! Many zoos offer other attractions besides watching animals, such as tours of the park, fun train rides, and entertaining shows. Don't forget to indulge in a crispy and sweet Elephant Ear while you're there!


Go Miniature Golfing

As a kid I remember mini golfing with my family and how much I loved it! For boys especially, hitting a ball with a club in a controlled environment is basically heaven on earth! So for another fun bonding adventure with your son, plan a day at the golfing range for a round or two of mini golfing. It will be something you both will cherish for years down the road.

As children get older and others are added to the family, it can be hard to maintain that individual bond that was once there when life wasn't as busy. Setting aside a special time a couple times a month for you and your boy will mean the world to him and will be something he'll remember as he grows into an adult. Plus, it will encourage and maintain a deeper bond for when he reaches a point (as all kids do) when he doesn't want to spend time with his mama. Start early, so later on he'll look forward to your alone times! If you have a son yourself or would like one someday, what are some cool mom and son date ideas that you love or would like to try?

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Well I usually do all this....if you have some more innovative ideas than please post them as well....

My little boy loves the waterpark and the pool :) Baking with him gets messy but I love it. We also shoot some basketball and play ps3. The important thing is showing an interest in what they like to do. I really enjoy these parenting articles thanks :)

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