7 Fun Spring Activities for Kids ...


Spring is almost here and that means it's time for fun outdoor activities! Here's guest contributor Michelle LaRowe with a list that all kids are sure to love!

After a long winter, getting the kids outdoors is very likely high on your to-do list. The fresh air, green space and opportunity to reconnect with nature make spending time outdoors a priority. If you’re looking for some fun activities to enjoy with the kids this spring, consider these ideas:

1. Create a Family Garden

Kids love getting messy and gardening requires a mess. Starting a family garden is not only a fantastic way to teach your children about agriculture, but also to pad the family budget by planting edible goodies to harvest. Have each child choose their favorite fruits and vegetables to plant in the family garden. If your home is lacking in color, planting a flower bed is a low cost but entertaining way to spend a spring day.

Take a Hike
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