7 Fun Ideas for Celebrating National Pi Day ...


Now you may be wondering - why on Earth should I celebrate National Pi Day? Well, because it's different and it's fun ... and Pi is hugely important. Oh, Pi, that fantastic infinite number that helps us determine the circumference of a circle is used everywhere! It is important for chemistry, engineering, math, physics; anything to do with measuring a curve. If you are interested, I have a few fun activities that you can do to celebrate National Pi Day and salute this irrational number.

1. Learn about Some Famous Folks

Did you know that Albert Einstein was born on March 14th? Did you know that March 14th is also National Pi Day? Einstein is one of many Math-lebrities and Sci-lebrities out there (not of the sci-fi convention but of the hard sciences). As Pi is so important to our world, on this day take a moment to learn a little about these groundbreaking famous folks of math and science history! Celebrate National Pi Day with a look to the past.

Visit the Birthplace of National Pi Day
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