7 Fun Ideas for Celebrating National Pi Day ...


Now you may be wondering - why on Earth should I celebrate National Pi Day? Well, because it's different and it's fun ... and Pi is hugely important. Oh, Pi, that fantastic infinite number that helps us determine the circumference of a circle is used everywhere! It is important for chemistry, engineering, math, physics; anything to do with measuring a curve. If you are interested, I have a few fun activities that you can do to celebrate National Pi Day and salute this irrational number.

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Learn about Some Famous Folks

Did you know that Albert Einstein was born on March 14th? Did you know that March 14th is also National Pi Day? Einstein is one of many Math-lebrities and Sci-lebrities out there (not of the sci-fi convention but of the hard sciences). As Pi is so important to our world, on this day take a moment to learn a little about these groundbreaking famous folks of math and science history! Celebrate National Pi Day with a look to the past.


Visit the Birthplace of National Pi Day

...the birthplace of the National Pi Day celebration, that is. If you live in the San Francisco area visit the San Francisco Exploratorium! In this space on March 14, 1988, Larry Shaw organized the very first Pi Day celebration. Larry, a physicist for the Exploratorium, and a group of his staff began the Pi Day celebration as a joke. They ordered pizza and marched around in circles, eating. National Pi Day continues annually and was even formally recognized by members of Congress in a non-binding resolution in 2009.


Write a Poem

For a bit of kitschy fun entertainment write a poem about Pi! If you want a challenge try writing a "Piem." A Piem is a poem that utilizes the number of Pi as a numerical writing guide. For instace: each word in your poem consists of as many letters indicated by each number in the Pi sequence. Example: 3.14 = Now I have... Write a Piem that you are particularly proud of and enter it in a Piems writing contest. Seriously! They do exist!


Read a Book

If you think a book about Pi sounds a little technical and dull you may be right and I might agree with you. Maybe. But, if you read a book influenced by Pi or named after it then you might be on to something a little more entertaining. Enjoy a book like "Life of Pi" (awesome book). And if you know of some great books about Pi share with your family and friends. We would love to hear about it.


Eat Some Pie!

We can't forget the inevitable Pi reference: PIE! Ha! Many people all over the U.S. celebrate National Pi Day by eating a little pie. Those delicious round pastries represent endless opportunities to put Pi into action. Make a pie. Buy a pie. Eat a pie. Or throw a pie - another fan favorite!


Memorize Those Digits

One of my daughter's most favorite things to do is have a contest with her brother of who can memorize the most numbers in the Pi sequence. She wins every time. Girls rule!


Have Some Pi Fun

Show off your Pi accessorizing skills. Throw on a t-shirt with Pi emblazoned on the front or wear Pi themed jewelry! Another great bit of Pi fun is to tell joke or two about Pi. Yep, a bit of corny humor but it is silly fun, nonetheless! Sing a song about Pi while you're at it.

National Pi Day is meant to be a fun way to learn and celebrate this important mathematical constant. So go out there and have a bit of Pi fun! Have you ever celebrated National Pi Day?

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