7 French Parenting Basics That Will Make Your Life Easier ...


French parenting is the new, hip parenting technique that helps you raise better-behaved children that actually do what they are told to and don’t throw tantrums in public places. It’s tres chic, super popular and much talked about, but before you order a book and vow to raise your kids like a true Frenchwoman, let’s see what French parenting is all about.

1. A Self-Assured No Will Take You Places

French parenting is not about acting like a drill sergeant but calmly letting the child know who is in charge. Your “No” has to be non-negotiable and you’ve got to believe it, too! No yelling, no freaking out, no lengthy explanations – be kind and composed but remember that you’re in charge.

Children Should Be Able to Entertain Themselves
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