8 Foods to Feed Toddlers ...


8 Foods to Feed Toddlers ...
8 Foods to Feed Toddlers ...

All moms should know a few nutritious and easy prep foods for toddlers! As some toddlers can be picky eaters, it helps to have a variety of foods on hand at any time so your little one has plenty of choices. As a general rule, toddlers can eat just about any food as long as it’s properly cooked and cut up in small pieces, but here are few foods for toddlers to get you started in case you need inspiration!

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Fruit is one of the easiest and yummiest foods for toddlers! Most kids love fruit since it’s sweet and easy to chew, and it also digests very easily. Make sure you cut fruits up into small chunks, especially grapes. You don’t want to present your tot with something that could cause a choking hazard!


Cooked Veggies

Most raw veggies are too easy for little mouths to choke on, but cooked veggies are soft and can be cut up and eaten with much more ease! Some hits with toddlers include carrots, corn, peas, green beans, and squash. Just boil or sauté the veggie of your choice until it’s soft enough and then cut it up and feed it to your child!


Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are good foods for toddlers because they are packed with protein! You can keep a few ready in the fridge for easy reach. Just mark them so you know which ones are hard-boiled! Cut them into quarters so your tot won’t choke.



Kids love cheese, and it’s good for them to get their dairy servings in! You can choose string cheese, or block cheese. Whatever you choose, cut it into small pieces first. And don’t serve your toddler cheese every day. You don’t want a constipated little one on your hands!



Noodles are a big hit with just about any age, but especially toddlers! Noodles are filling and easy to make, and if you get whole-wheat noodles then it's a cinch that your child is getting a nutritious meal! Choose a thicker noodle that will be easy for little hands to pick up, but make sure it’s not too long so it will not get stuck in your child’s throat.


Cubed Chicken

Cubed chicken is a good meat choice if you are feeding your toddler meat. Just make sure it is thoroughly cooked and cubed small enough for little mouths. You can sprinkle some cheese over the chicken to offer some flavor, but avoid using too many spices since toddlers' stomachs digest bland food much easier.


Animal Crackers

Kids like sweet stuff and candy, but as parents we don’t want to feed them too many cakes and candies. That’s why animal crackers are perfect! They are sweet, but not too sweet. And tots love the animal shapes! Animal crackers are perfect on-the-go snacks to tuck in your diaper bag!



If you want to feed your tot cereal, choose something that isn’t sugary or sweet. Some good choices are plain Cheerios, Fruit Loops, Rice Chex, or Life cereal. These cereals are nutritious and yummy, and big enough for little hands to pick up, yet small enough that choking hazards are minimized.

Feeding a toddler can be messy, so my tip for an easy cleanup is to keep wet wipes close at hand! Do you have a small toddler at home? What kinds of foods do you feed him or her? Please comment below with your ideas! It’s always great to hear from our readers, we love all of your genius suggestions too!

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Love the ideas but my daughter is tired of eating noodles

Cheese and chicken will work against healthy development.

About the cereal, fruit loops are very sugary and filled with chemicals...

McDonald's ! I'm joking , but I've seen some moms feed their todds some big sodas ! 😁 Eeww !

Hmm, what's wrong with a vegetarian toddler

I make cookies with quacker banana raisins and prunes, they r a big hit.

I prepare blueberry muffins for my 2 years old girl and she love it.

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