8 Best Finger Foods for Your Baby ...


8 Best Finger Foods for Your Baby ...
8 Best Finger Foods for Your Baby ...

There are a number of foods you can feed your baby to get him introduced to new foods safely. I think the following list includes the 8 best finger foods for your baby. If you have some additional ideas that should be on this list, feel free to add them in the comment section. My kids haven't been babies for a very long time, but I can still remember a few foods kids seem to enjoy at an early age.

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Wedges of Cooked Carrots

Bright orange carrots attract the attention of most kids and carrots have just enough natural sweetness that they make an intriguing snack while still being healthy. Cook a sliced up carrot and then cut each cooked circle into wedges. Tiny baby fingers can easily pick up the pieces to munch on.


Tiny Pieces of Toast

Bread can be rather gummy, so toasting a slice of bread will make it easier for your child to eat it. Once toasted, don't put any butter, jam, or anything else on it. Cut up the slice into squares that are small enough for your child to eat without choking. This type of finger food makes a great travel snack too.


Cooked Pasta

Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes. Choose a type that is little enough your child won't choke on it, but large enough he can grab easily with his fingers. Make sure the pasta has cooled down before serving it to your child. You can let the noodles set in cold water for a bit to make certain little fingers won't be burned.



This is a common finger food for little kids on the go. It's also a healthy snack, which not all cereals are. Kids have fun picking up the little circles and popping them in their mouth.


Green Bean Chunks

As long as you cut up the green beans into very small pieces, tiny kids should be able to eat green beans with no problems at all. You can even freeze these tiny pieces if you have a teething babe. The frozen bits of beans feel good on swollen sore gums.



You might find your child likes peas enough to eat them skin and all. Occasionally you'll come across a little kid who will mush the inside of the pea out and spit the skin on the highchair tray. Peas are small and the bright green color of frozen peas is very attractive to most babies.


Peeled and Sliced Grapes

The skin on grapes is much too tough for a child with few teeth to consume. It's a good idea to cut off the skin of each grape to make it easier for your child to eat, as well as cutting it into little pieces omits a choking hazard. Red grapes tend to be sweeter than green grapes, but as long as they are seedless, they make an excellent finger food.


Bits of Banana

Banana mashes nicely in tiny mouths and of course between little fingers, making them the most fun finger food kids like to eat. Rich in potassium, bananas are also good for your baby. Kids rarely won’t pick up a slice of banana and eat it when it is placed in front of them. This is an all-around yummy finger food too, with plenty of natural sugars already in each bite.

I’m sure you’ve already come across a number of foods your child likes to eat and most of them tend to turn into finger foods, whether you want them to be or not. Out of this list of the 8 best finger foods for your baby, which one do you think should be number one?

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