7 Fantastic Activities to do with Your Daughter This New Year's Eve ...


New Year’s Eve draws closer everyday bringing with it excitement, celebrations, and many fun activities to do with your daughter! The idea of New Year’s Eve celebrations and parties is exciting however, we often think of them as adult only events. While many parties are, indeed, appropriate for adults only, children are also interested in celebrating the turn of another New Year! This year, think about throwing a party of two! Maybe more, depending on the number of daughters you have. We love celebrations and share with you a list of seven optional activities to do with your daughter this New Year’s Eve!

1. Heat up the Kitchen!

Start your New Year’s Eve morning off by heating up the kitchen and baking a tasty treat! If you are particularly skillful (and patient) shape your cookie dough into numbers representing the New Year! Or, buy cookie cutters shaped like numbers and bake those. If you are a cake-a-holic, like me, bake a cake and decorate it for the coming New Year. Cook-up your sweets early in the day to have on hand for visitors. Be sure to save a few treats to eat after the midnight bell rings in the New Year. Make a wish and eat a cookie or have a slice of cake! Baking together is one of many fun activities to do with your daughter this New Year’s Eve.

Set the Stage: Decorate!
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