7 Facts about the Unborn ...


7 Facts about the Unborn ...
7 Facts about the Unborn ...

I'm amongst the group of those that believe that from the moment a baby is conceived, it is a human being. And I really do not like it when people refer to an unborn child as a "fetus" rather than a "baby." For one, in just a matter of days, 22 to be exact, the baby's heart is already beating, and in a few weeks, it already looks like a tiny human. The development of a tiny baby within it's mother has always amazed me, how something practically microscopic can from a perfectly beautiful baby. It's utterly amazing! In this article, you will read 7 facts about the unborn that I think everyone should know! (I know for some, they may find I'm "biased" when it comes to pro-life, and indeed, that's probably the case. You have the freedom to take it or leave it.)

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Unborn Babies Can Experience Pain at 12 Weeks

By 12 weeks gestation, your growing infant already has everything in place to experience pain, from nerves, spinal cord and thalamus. He or she uses these new senses to begin to feel things in their environment, such as the umbilical cord and their own face. They can even suck their thumb! At this stage in development, baby is about the size of a peach.


At 20 Weeks, a Baby Can Recognize Mommy's Voice

20 weeks gestation is a big week for baby! He or she can now tell the difference between Mommy's voice, and other voices nearby. This will continue to birth, where your baby will automatically know you as "Mommy." It's also very easy to now see via ultrasound whether you're having a boy or a girl! His or her organs are all just about where they're supposed to be, so now all he has to do is get bigger and fill out. And wow, can you feel the movement now! The sad part of this gestational week, however, it it is the earliest week one can get a partial birth abortion. How sad that doctors choose to wait until baby can touch and feel and even hear to take it's life! (Although I don't feel it's right to take a baby's life at any gestational age.)


Baby "Breaths" in the Womb

Although your womb is filled with amniotic fluid, that doesn't stop your little baby from practicing breathing. As his lungs begin to form, he performs "practice breathing" starting around the fifth month, breathing in and out the amniotic fluid surrounding him. This can cause the oh-so-fun side effects of hiccups which becomes more annoying to Mom than it does the baby inside. It's also pretty easy for Daddy to place his ear on your tummy and hear baby's heartbeat!


Unborn Babies Can Taste

Scientists have done studies where, (somehow) they introduced different things into the amniotic fluid to see how baby responded to the taste. For sweet additions to the fluid, baby really liked it and swallowed more than the usual amniotic fluid. When sour or bad tasting things were introduced to the environment, baby responded with a facial response that confirmed baby didn't like that taste at all!


Unborn Babies Can Learn

Just because they're cooped up in a womb doesn't mean that babies don't have the ability to learn. Not only do they learn their mother's voice from other people's voices, there was a study conducted a few years ago, where they had several pregnant mothers watch the same television show every day their entire pregnancy. After the babies were born, they could be crying their eyes out one minute, and the instant the theme song from their mother's daily show would start playing, they would calm down. Others would actually turn toward the television. Babies also learn to acquire a taste for some of the things that their mother eats while she's carrying them.


Mommy's Heartbeat Affects Baby's

In the later months of pregnancy, things the mother does affects the heartbeat of her baby, especially her own heartbeat. If Mommy's speeds up, so does baby's. That is why it's important for mother's to remain calm and not get stressed much in pregnancy. It's crazy how just a mother getting scared over something or excited about something can affect baby as well. It just goes to show you, you're influencing your baby before he ever exits your womb! The influence a parent has on their children is vital to how that child will turn out, so we must make for certain we're influencing them in a good way.


Unborn Babies Dream

Babies in general dream a lot more than adults do, believe it or not. And this actually starts before they're even born. Some ask, "What do they have to dream about since they've never seen anything?" I personally believe they dream about life as they see and know it. The sounds and light around them evokes dreams that we as adults will never experience again. Dreams start as early as 17 weeks gestation. Absolutely amazing!

I can't help it. Babies are precious and should be spared the gruesome death that so many are put through. My opinion is, if you're not willing to raise the baby that is within your body, do not deprive it of a chance to live, but consider other options you might have, like giving that beautiful baby for adoption. The baby didn't do anything wrong and you won't believe how many couples are dying to have a baby or adopt one! So, what is your opinion on these 7 facts about the unborn? Please share!

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I'm an expectant mother and reading this just put a smile on my face. I can't help but feel closer to my little one now(: It is a blessing to be creating life... Innocent life. I couldn't imagine aborting, and I can not see how others could go through with it. It's something I'll never be able to understand.... Especially with all of the options offered now.

Abortion at any stage takes away a human life. Don't know about any of you, but I've only ever given birth to a human, never another species. Hence, abortion kills a human being. End of story.

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