7 Essential Tips for Studying when You Are a Parent ...


Back in 2010, I decided it would be a good idea to pursue a BSc in Medical Sciences without having picked up any tips for studying as a student parent. As I looked ahead, I envisaged myself displaying stellar organisational skills and sailing through to the end effortlessly. Three years on and I am in my final year, realising that was never going to be possible! Since then, I have been the Students With Caring Responsibilities Officer for my students’ union. This has given me the chance to compile my own little list of tips for studying when you are a parent:

1. Don’t Panic

Before we begin with all the other tips for studying as a parent, don’t even begin to worry about how you are going to manage with children and a degree. You are simply going to be able to do it. I soon realised that while I was nursing viruses and snotty noses, my new friends were nursing hangovers. Trust me, if the people you study alongside can handle socialising and studying, you can handle parenting and studying. In fact, your lack of social life may even make meeting deadlines easier.

Make Connections
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