7 Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids ...


7 Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids ...
7 Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids ...

There are few days that kids look forward to more than their birthdays, which means that in order to make these days extra special, birthday gifts for kids really need to fit their interests and their personalities. If a child in your life has a birthday coming up and you are stumped for what to get, here are some birthday gifts for kids that are sure to bring a smile to the little guy or gal’s face.

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No matter what the age and whether a boy or a girl, birthday gifts for kids that are always a surefire hit are crafts. There are so many different types of pre-packaged craft items out there that you will be able to find one that suits either the interests of a boy or a girl and one that is age-appropriate. From model airplanes that need to be assembled and wooden trains that need to be painted, to beads that can be transformed into jewelry and shirts that need to be decorated, you will be certain to find a craft that the birthday girl or boy will love.


Planes, Trains or Automobiles

For that little boy in your life, you can’t go wrong with a gift of planes, trains or automobiles (or, if you really want to spoil the tyke, you can get him all three). There are so many different types of transportation-themed items on the market that boys go ga-ga for. From Thomas the Tank Engine to Disney’s Cars and even those transportation items that don’t have a name brand, but are still oh-so cool, any little guy will be delighted to receive a transportation-themed gift.


Fit for a Princess

Every little girl dreams of being a princess; I’m 33 and I still dream of being one… so, if the little girl in your life is having a birthday, how about making her dreams come true by giving her a Princess-themed gift. Give her a princess accessory, like a tiara or a scepter, or give her the whole kit and caboodle, complete with a gown and shoes. The little girl who is always a princess in your eyes will really feel as if she has become one when she receives this gift.


An Instrument

Let the person of honor explore his inner Mozart or her inner Pat Benatar with the gift of a musical instrument. Whether it’s a toy instrument or the real deal, the child will love exploring all the new music he or she can make.



What girl doesn’t love jewels – even at a young and tender age. For her birthday, give her a bauble that she will love to wear, like a necklace, a bracelet or a pair of earrings. Real or fake, she will be delighted just the same.


Sporting Event

If that special someone has a favorite sport, how about taking him or her to a game? Get tickets to his or her favorite team and enjoy cheering the team on together.


A Special Day

Instead of actually getting something material for a gift, give that special little one a gift that really matters: your time. Plan a day together that is filled with fun things to do. Eat lunch or dinner at a restaurant, play at a park, explore an aquarium, take a walk, go to the beach, play with sidewalk chalk. This will be a gift that will truly be remembered.

Birthdays are truly something special for children and celebrating them with a thoughtful and meaningful gift will make the day even more special. Do you have a little one with a birthday coming up? Which one of these gifts are you considering getting?

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With my daughter we love gifting her (or her receiving from others), gifts that keep on giving. True experiences that last for months or all year! Dance for a September to may season, soccer for summer, gymnastics for a season, cheerleading, the list goes on and on! I find these gifts more practical, fun

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