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If you're looking for a great way to start the school year off right with your child's new teacher, consider giving one of these gift ideas for teachers. As a former educator myself, I always appreciated when a student would bring me a gift. I never expected it, and it was certainly never necessary, but a small token surely showed how much my hard work was appreciated. Teaching is a hard job. Show your child's teacher how much you respect and appreciate the job that she does with one of these gift ideas for teachers.

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A Gift Card

One of the easiest gift ideas for teachers is a gift card. Whether it's a gift card for a coffee shop, a teacher supply store or a craft store, your gift will surely be appreciated, and put to good use.


A Coffee Cup and Coffee

Every teacher needs his or her pick-me-up to get through the day. Give your child's teacher a mug filled with some designer coffees to help her get the little jolt she needs. Try getting a mug that has a cute saying, like "A+ Teacher" or another great idea is a thermal mug that will keep her Joe nice and warm, even while she's teaching her lessons. As an alternative, you can give her a nice collection of designer teas.


Some Supplies

While the school will supply some of the products that your child and her classmates will be using throughout the year, your child's teacher will still end up buying them on her own, and she will have to pay out of pocket for them. To ease the expense, how about creating a package of school supplies? You can include things like construction paper, pencils, crayons, glue and any other items that might be needed.


Some Pampering

Okay, this may be a little bit personal, but it's not too personal - and believe me, it will be more than appreciated. Give your kid's teacher a gift card for some pampering. A massage, a mani or a pedi will not only be super appreciated, but the de-stressing will also be much-needed. You can't go wrong with this gift.


Sweet Treats

This gift kind of goes along with the pick-me-up idea. Fill a large bowl with some tasty treats, like small candies and chocolates. Include a cute message. The teacher can munch on the treats at lunch time to give her a little bit of a pick-me-up when she needs it.


Comfortable Slippers

While she may not be able to wear them when school is in session, she'll certainly be able to put them on after hours. Teachers don't always go home when the bell rings; in fact, they usually stay behind for several hours. Your child's teacher will be able to get much more comfortable after hours when she can kick off her shoes and put on a pair of comfy slippers.



A classroom is always stocked with books. How about giving your child's teacher a collection of books to fill the classroom library with? You can buy new books, recycle old books that your kiddos aren't reading anymore, or you can hit up a library and ask if they are willing to donate some books to their school. Your teacher will be super impressed by this gift, and so will the entire class.

Teaching is a rewarding, albeit difficult job. Let your child's teacher know how much you care and how much you appreciate her with one of these fantastic back to school gifts. Which one do you think you'll end up giving?

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Just because someone chooses to be a teacher doesn't mean it's easy and deserving of zero recognition. Teachers do not get paid what they should for making a difference in our future generation not to mention the amount most teachers spend of their own money to benefit their students. I think a little something extra is not required, but deserved. If you are a teacher or know a teacher you understand.

"Teaching is a hard job". It's a job you chose to do and you get paid for it. Get on with it. Why should you get additional rewards on top?

We shouldn't, necessarily; teaching someone something new is reward enough, but there's a high number of difficult pupils who do make it tough for us to just "Get on with it" as you so sympathetically phrase it, and often make us question why indeed we did choose to do it. It's nice to be reminded not all are that way. Do you decline rewards in your job?

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