7 Back to School Gift Ideas for Kids ...


7 Back to School Gift Ideas for Kids ...
7 Back to School Gift Ideas for Kids ...

Your kids are headed back to school, and while you may be shouting for joy, chances are that they are feeling a little glum; ease their transition from summer to school with these back to school gift ideas. No, back to school certainly doesn't warrant a huge onslaught of gifts (it's not Christmas or a birthday), but a small token will let your kids know that you are proud of them and will help to make getting back into the swing of things a little bit easier. At the very least, you'll make your kiddos feel special with these back to school gift ideas.

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Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants There are tons of back to school gift ideas that you can give, but this one will appeal to your kid's sweet tooth, and it's a cute play on words. You know those sugary sweet candies, Smarties? Well, how about putting together a little package of them and labeling it, "I'm Proud of You, Smartie Pants"? It's an inexpensive gift that will be sure to put a smile on your child's face.


Student Survival Kit

Student Survival Kit Going to school can be tough work. Ease that transition by giving your child a gift that he can rely on to get him through those tough moments. Fill a lunch box or some other type of container with items that your kid loves and that will make getting back into the school groove a little easier. Items to consider include small snacks, pencils, erasers, post-it notes, a few candies, some hand sanitizer and anything else you can think of that your child will find useful when he gets back to school.


ITunes Gift Card

ITunes Gift Card What kid doesn't like music? Celebrate the first day of school by giving yours a gift card for iTunes. She can use the gift card to load up her iPod and get herself some new study tunes.


Lunch/Dinner out

Lunch/Dinner out While this gift isn't one that can be opened, it is one that you can give your child that will celebrate going back to school. When you pick up your child from school, or when he gets off the bus, take him to his favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner out. Let him order his favorite meal and finish it off with a big dessert. Hey, you've got to celebrate the little things.


A Toy

A Toy While it may sound cliche, you can certainly celebrate the first day of school by giving the gift of a toy. Perhaps your child has a toy that she's been spotting, or maybe she just likes a certain type of toy (Barbies, for example). Whatever you decide on, wrap it up and give it to her when she gets home from her first day of school. She'll be super excited.


A Special Day

A Special Day When the first week of school is over, how about taking your child out for a special day to celebrate the beginning of the school year? You don't have to go all out and take him to some exotic location, and you don't even have to spend anything. A special day can be as simple as a picnic in the park and playing ball with his parents' undivided attention.


Child Picks

Child Picks It can be difficult to think of something that your child will like as a gift, especially if your child is a teen. In cases like this, let your child pick out a gift idea. Set a reasonable limit, but give her a little bit of free reign. For instance, she may want to get some new clothing or he may want to get a new baseball mitt. Letting him or her pick will make your child feel extra special.

Heading back to school can be difficult for kids. A special gift can certainly make the transition easier. Which gift idea do you think you'll use?

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