41 Awesome Little Boy Bedroom Ideas to Make His Room the Best One in the House ...


I have three boys so little boy bedroom ideas are something I look for quite often. After all, they always want something new! You might think decorating a boy's bedroom won't be as much fun as a girl's, but you'll be surprised to see how much stuff there is to create the room of his dreams. Check out these little boy bedroom ideas and you'll see just what I mean.

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Pirate Theme

Pirate Theme Via Awesome Little Boys Bedroom Ideas ...
One of the most popular little boy bedroom ideas is a pirate theme. I can't think of a little boy on Earth who wouldn't love this!


Imagine your young adventurer steering his very own ship, surrounded by treasure chests and ocean maps. He can set sail across the seven seas right in his bedroom! A pirate-themed room brings adventure to bedtime stories and playtime, with decor like Jolly Roger flags, wooden barrels, and ropes hanging from the ceiling for that authentic swashbuckling feel. Don't forget to add a cozy captain's bed with plenty of storage for all those plundered toys. Creating a space where he can dream of seeking treasure on distant islands will make bedtime a breeze and spark his imagination during the day.


Lots of Wall Art

Lots of Wall Art Via Best Children’s Furniture design
Give your son tons of stuff too look at by covering his walls with fun art.


Craftsman Tool Box Dresser

Craftsman Tool Box Dresser Via My pinterest home!
What a fun tool themed room this is! The recycled toolbox makes a perfect dresser.


This recycled toolbox dresser is ideal for the little mechanic or DIY aficionado in your life. Not only does it add a unique touch to the bedroom, it also encourages organizational skills by providing practical storage for clothes or toys. With its vibrant red color and authentic detailing, it's sure to ignite the imagination and add a sense of adventure to any boy's room. Pair it with tool-themed bedding and accessories to complete the look and inspire creative playtime. Plus, it's a chic nod to the industrial trend in home decor, making it a stylish as well as playful choice for your child's bedroom.


Add Some Shelves

Add Some Shelves Via News & Press
Those shelves come in handy for keeping his toys and treasures off the floor and easy to find.


Shelves offer not just functionality, but also an opportunity for your little one to express his personal style. Whether you opt for floating shelves, bookcases, or colorful cubbies, arranging them at his height encourages independence and easy clean-up after playtime. On the shelves, place bins or baskets to organize smaller items, while leaving space for books, plants, or his favorite action figures to create a display. Remember, the key is to mix practical storage with fun – adding a few personal touches can make all the difference in bringing his little world to life.


Green and Orange

Green and Orange Via 45 Ways to Add Character ...
Green and orange aren't the most common boy bedroom colors, but I love how fun this little bedroom is.


Green and orange are often seen as bold and vibrant colors, making them perfect for adding personality to a little boy's bedroom. These colors can also create a playful and energetic atmosphere, which is ideal for a child's space. In the article, "41 Awesome Little Boy Bedroom Ideas," the author highlights the use of green and orange in a bedroom featured on The Happy Housie blog. This bedroom incorporates these colors through bedding, wall decor, and even a green and orange striped ceiling. The combination of these colors adds a unique and fun touch to the room, making it a standout in the category of parenting and home decor.


Wall Tracks

Wall Tracks Via Little - Bing Images
You won't be able to tell your son he can't drive his cars on the wall with these. So much fun!



Hideout Via Awesome Little Boys Bedroom Ideas ...
Every little boy needs a hideout and this fun teepee is just right.


Train Bunk Beds

Train Bunk Beds Via Kids Room Ideas: Trains! - ...
If you have two boys in one room, save some space with this fabulous train bunk.


Train bunk beds are a great way to make the most of a small bedroom. Two boys can fit comfortably in a train bunk bed, giving them plenty of space to play and sleep. The unique design of the train bunk bed is sure to be a hit with any little boy. The bed is made of durable wood and comes in a variety of colors, making it easy to match with any existing décor. The train bunk bed also features a ladder for easy access to the top bunk, as well as a guard rail for safety. The bed also has a built-in storage compartment in the back, perfect for keeping toys and other items organized. The train bunk bed is the perfect addition to any little boy's bedroom, giving him a fun and unique place to sleep and play. Plus, it's sure to be a conversation piece for years to come.


Masculine Colors

Masculine Colors Via An Impatient Perfectionist: Little Boy's ...
The dark blue, dark wood and touches of green make this a room that can grow with your little dude.


Old Truck Bed

Old Truck Bed Via Things I love...
I'm not sure where you'd score this truck bed, but it makes a fabulous bed for a car loving little boy.


Checked Curtains

Checked Curtains Via Boy bedroom
The checked curtains are boyish and do wonders for bringing this room together.


No Cloest Doors

No Cloest Doors Via Decorating Damsel: preschooler's bedroom
Get rid of closet doors to open up a bit more space in your son's bedroom.


Storage Cubbies

Storage Cubbies Via mokkan.com
The storage cubbies give your son a place to keep all his things organized.


Dr. Seuss Theme

Dr. Seuss Theme Via Decorate your boy's room
This Dr. Seuss theme would be perfect for a toddler or preschool.



Wow! Via Infant & Children's Bedroom Ideas
There isn't a boy on the planet who wouldn't die to have this bedroom. You'd never get him to come out.


Lego Theme

Lego Theme Via 6 Brilliant DIY Uses for ...
Most little boys love Legos, so this theme would likely please your son to no end.



Sports Via Sports Bedroom Designs – Bedroom ...
Even with two beds in this room, there is tons of space for sports decor and plenty of room to play.


Simple Decor

Simple Decor Via mokkan.com
This room is simple in terms of color scheme and decor, but it's still cozy and attractive.


Skateboard Shelves

Skateboard Shelves Via Eye Catching Boys Room Design ...
These repurposed skateboards are great for displaying small photos and action figures.


Reading Corner

Reading Corner Via Episode 3 - Optimise Design
I wish I had a place to read like this in my bedroom.


Letter Cubbies

Letter Cubbies Via Boys Bedroom Reveal
I love the blue and yellow color theme, but the letter cubbies are so much fun too.


Map Wall Mural

Map Wall Mural Via DIY World Map Wall Mural
The map is fun to look at, but adds a bit of masculinity to the room too.


Wall Decal

Wall Decal Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Instead of posters or framed prints, try an adhesive wall mural to decorate.


Lots of Color

Lots of Color Via Simple Family Home
There's a lot of color in this bedroom, but it looks like a really fun place to hang out.


Lightening Mcqueen

Lightening Mcqueen Via Baby : Fun Twin Race ...
Little boys love racecars so this Cars themed room is a great idea.


Imagine revving up the excitement with a bed shaped like Lightning McQueen himself, and a custom race track rug for that early pit stop practice. Decorate the walls with vibrant art of his favorite Cars characters, and you can even include a tool chest dresser to make organization feel like part of the pit crew fun. Add in traffic signal lamps and racing flag curtains to bring that energetic racetrack atmosphere right into his sleeping pit lane. It's the perfect way to ensure dreams are filled with grand prix victories!


Climbing Ladder

Climbing Ladder Via NEW SEASON Heart Print Pink ...
Bunk beds are cool enough, but the ladder makes it even more fun to sleep there.


Pirate Bed

Pirate Bed Via Great Pirate Little Boy Bedroom ...
Sure, it might be a bit extreme, but I can imagine that my boys would love to have this bedroom.



Alphabet Via Key Interiors by Shinay: Fun ...
The alphabet is a fun theme for toddlers, but this one keeps it from being to babyish.


Old Wood Sliding Barn Door

Old Wood Sliding Barn Door Via Itsy Bits and Pieces: The ...
I love barn doors and using one in place of a headboard is a great idea.


Softer Colors

Softer Colors Via create live design
You can use soft colors, such as light greens and yellows in a boy's room without worry.


Sail the Seven Seas

Sail the Seven Seas Via bloglovin.com
Any ocean loving boy is going to love sleeping and playing in this room.


Wild West

Wild West Via bedroomideaspictures.info
If your little one is a cowboy at heart, tin stars and western themed bedsheets are a great way to indulge him.



Personalized Via Pallet Furniture: Recycling Pallets into ...
Personalize the stuff in your son's room for a fun way to make it his own.


Jungle Theme

Jungle Theme Via Jungle Little Boy Bedroom Ideas ...
Animals galore make for a bedroom where your child will be able to make tons of pretend friends.


Indoor Swing

Indoor Swing Via little boy’s bedroom | Easy ...
What? A swing in the bedroom? If you can pull it off, your son will love you forever!


Bookcase Shelves

Bookcase Shelves Via Portfolio - Contemporary - Kids ...
Make the stairs do double duty by hollowing them out and creating bookshelves inside.


Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood Via Chic on a Shoestring Decorating: ...
Use leftover or reclaimed wood to create this standout headboard. The lamp makes it easy for your son to read in bed.


Artsy Bunk Beds

Artsy Bunk Beds Via Episode 3 - Optimise Design
I love how the ladder branches off to create this unique room.


Striped Walls

Striped Walls Via lokeyou.com
It's not super easy to paint stripes on the wall, but you'll love the way it looks.


Big Boy

Big Boy Via Simple Details: ikea byholma chest...
Your son won't ever outgrow this room. It will grow with him all the way until he's an adult.


The Big Boy design is all about creating a timeless space that can adapt to your son's changing tastes and needs. Imagine furniture that serves multiple purposes and wall colors that are neutral yet classic. You can incorporate elements that are both mature and whimsical, making sure to include plenty of storage for his growing collection of treasures. Accessories can easily be swapped out as he moves from superheroes to sports idols, ensuring the room remains a place he loves to call his own.


Airplane and Cars

Airplane and Cars Via Creative Ideas for Little Boys' ...
This huge airplane and set of cars is the perfect addition to any little boy's bedroom.

Did your son find a room he loves? What about you?

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I would have loved a pirate room as a little girl!

Gender roles are lame. I would have loved most of these as a little girl. I was deprived of many toys I wanted as a kid because they weren't for girls. It saddens me to see that kind of gender stereotyping promoted on this blog.

I love the swing

@Darth Ada - I totally agree with you!

Agreed! I was obsessed with pirates as a kid. I would have loved those rooms.

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