7 Adorable Videos of Men Finding out They're Going to Be Fathers ...


You've probably seen some cute proposal videos where the woman is shocked by how sweet her boyfriend is. Well, now it's time to watch some videos where the man is the one getting surprised. I mean, what's more shocking than finding out your whole life is going to change? Nothing. That's why these adorable videos of men finding out they're going to be fathers might just make you cry:

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Photo Booth Pregnancy Announcement

This video shows a couple getting their pictures taken together in a photo booth. That's the moment when the woman decides to tell her man that they're expecting a child. He starts crying right away, and his adorable reaction is captured in the photos. Isn't that a cute idea?


Vacation Announcement

This video just might make you cry. Why? Because the woman has been infertile for five years, but then finally becomes pregnant! When her husband finds out, his reaction is an intense one. Even though he seems casual at first, he ends up crying, just like she expected him to.


Darth Vader Announcement

If you're a fan of Star Wars, then you're going to go crazy over this pregnancy announcement. It's an fanboy's dream come true! In the video, a man is surprised by Darth Vader, who appears to help tell him that his wife is expecting a child. He starts crying, of course, because who would be able to hold back tears during a moment like that?


Baby Clothes Announcement

If you love dogs as much as you love babies, you're going to love this video. It shows a puppy helping his owner open up a new baby outfit. He doesn't exactly cry, but he's definitely shocked by the big news. It might not have been the reaction that his wife was looking for, but it was definitely worth capturing on camera.


Deaf Pregnancy Announcement

This video shows a deaf man finding out that his wife is pregnant. Even if you don't know how to sign, you're still going to enjoy this video. Once he opens up his gift and realizes what it all means, his reaction speaks for itself. He doesn't need words in order to express how he's feeling.


Note Announcement

This woman tells her husband she's pregnant by showing him a positive pregnancy test with a cute little note attached that explains what's going on. He doesn't believe the news at first, but he certainly seems happy about it! It's a super quick video, but it's pretty darn adorable.


Christmas Announcement

The woman in this video seems just as excited about her pregnancy as her husband does, but you have to see how she delivers the news! She hand paints an egg and places a mini scroll inside that tells him he's going to become a father. She also writes a note that is meant to be from the baby. When he opens the present, his reaction is to die for!

These videos are just as adorable as any proposal video out there! Does it make you excited for the day when you're going to become a mother? If you're already a mom, how did you tell your man that you were pregnant with his child?

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