7 Activities or Mini Vacation Ideas to do with Your Kids on Spring Break ...


Are you trying to come up with mini vacation ideas or ideas for activities to do with your kids on spring break? I am right there with you. It is good to keep your kids occupied while they are out on spring break and make some memories while you are at it. I hope these thoughts on mini vacation ideas and ideas for activities help you to have a memorable spring break with your children.

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A Trip to the Zoo

Who doesn’t love the zoo? My husband and I enjoy it as much as our children do, every time that we go. It is fun, relaxing and entertaining. It is also something you can do for a full day to keep everyone entertained. It is easy to use this for one of your mini vacation ideas and spend the night in a nearby hotel.


Great Wolf Lodge

If you are fortunate enough to live close to a Great Wolf Lodge resort, you should definitely consider this as a mini vacation idea for spring break. Kids of all ages love going to Great Wolf Lodge. Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor water park where you can stay right on the premises. You never have to leave the resort while you are there. Dining, lodging and tons of entertainment are jam packed into your stay.


Visit an Aquarium

Aquariums are a wonderful way to spend a day or two as an activity or mini vacation idea while your kids are on spring break. Our family loves aquariums and we have visited them in several different parts of the United States. There is something very tranquil about a day spent at an aquarium. It is relaxing and quietly enjoyable while still being entertaining. This is an activity that everyone can enjoy together.


A Trip to the Movies

You can’t make a mini vacation out of this but it is a good activity that can buy you a couple hours of quiet time. Even little kids can enjoy this if the movie is appropriate for them to watch. Popcorn and other treats can also help to keep the littlest ones quiet during the movie. It is a nice way for a mom to get a break and do something fun with her kids at the same time. It is also a good activity to enjoy with another mom and her kids.


Stay at a Local State Park

We love state parks. We are really blessed where we are to have some beautiful state parks that have lodging, dining, entertainment and attractions all in one place. State parks are usually very relaxing to stay at because they are set back away from people. It is a great way to get some quiet R&R, at least as much as you can with your children in tow. Our children have always been thrilled to visit our state parks.


Visit a Museum

There are so many different museums that you can visit. There are museums that are geared toward everyone but there are also museums that are geared especially toward children that would be a great choice for a family. Museums geared toward children are better because you do not have to stress over what they might do or touch. Those sorts of museums usually invite touching and have a lot of interactive activities for kids to participate in. Your kids will make a lot of memories at a museum like that and learn while they are at it, too.


Visit an out of Town Relative

Spring vacation is a great time to visit grandparents that live a couple hours away or any other family that you don’t get to see very often. I have very fond memories of visiting my out of town aunts and uncles as a child. My parents always made a vacation out of those visits and found fun things for my siblings and I to enjoy close by. It doesn’t take a lot for children to be excited about something. It may be an activity that doesn’t seem like a lot to you but your children can still enjoy it.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of things you can do with your kids on their spring break for activities or mini vacations. What do you typically do with your children on spring break? What is your favorite mini vacation idea?

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