8 Vital Things Every Teenager Needs to Know ...


When I think back to my teenage years now, I'm amazed at how ignorant I was. My parents tried over and over again to teach me the lessons every teenager needs to know, but I refused, persisting in thinking that I knew best and would be much more extraordinary than any of the adults in my life. Said adults called me β€œprecocious” a lot, but I'm of the Stephanie Klein philosophy – I was really just a typical teenage brat who was sure she knew everything already. I now realize that there are many vital things every teenager needs to know, some big, some small, but all important.

1. How to Clean

Okay, so I knew how to clean as a teen, I just never did it. When I did, I'll admit that I did not know how to do it properly. My idea of sweeping the floor entailed sweeping the dirt into corners and under rugs, because I was convinced I simply did not have the time to waste doing the job properly. Speaking from experience, though, this is something you're going to need – and want – to know as soon as you're on your own.

How to Change a Tire
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