8 Reasons to Enroll Your Daughter in Dance ...


8 Reasons to Enroll Your Daughter in Dance ...
8 Reasons to Enroll Your Daughter in Dance ...

I’ll be the first to say it: I’m incredibly clumsy, and I have absolutely no sense of rhythm. I can’t dance without looking like I’m having a mild seizure — but it doesn’t stop me from trying, or from having a riot in the meantime. My fear that my daughters would inherit my lack of the dance gene is unfounded, since both of them are actually very graceful dancers — or maybe it’s because my fear was part of the reason they both had years of dance! Aside from allaying my fears, there were lots of other reasons I handed over so much money for tuition and costumes… and here are a few of them. Here are 8 reasons to enroll your daughter in dance.

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The Exercise

At the risk of sounding like an old curmudgeon, kids these days spend too much time in front of the TV and computer, and don’t get enough exercise! It’s true, sadly, proven by research and not just my grouchy observations. One way to get your daughter up and moving is with dance classes… and she’ll be having so much fun, she won’t even miss her SpongeBob or text messages, or realize she’s exercising.


It Helps Build Social Skills

My youngest daughter was only 2 when I enrolled her in ballet, and she hadn’t really been around other small children yet, so I was a little nervous — how would she react to being in a room with so many other rugrats? Dance was a great in-between stage from at home with mama to half-day preschool, since it exposed her to other children, and helped build her social skills.


It’s Great for Her Posture and Poise

Ballet in particular, but all dance, helps children develop excellent posture, straight and true, and also poise. Sitting in front of the TV or being hunched over a computer or cell phone isn’t going to improve their posture, and may in fact result in poor posture. How unhealthy, and unattractive!


She’ll Love the Music

All children everywhere love music. Enrolling your daughter in dance will ensure that she’s exposed to lots of music, from classical to jazz to current hip-hop and pop. And since kids love music, it’ll be so much fun for her to boogie down to her favorite songs, or discover a love of music she hasn’t heard before!


It Will Help Build Her Confidence

Girls who are enrolled in dance, and other physical activities, will have an easier time developing healthy self-esteem and confidence. These days, that confidence, developed early in life, can spell the difference between a girl who’s bullied and a girl who stands up to bullies, a girl who goes on to college and success or a girl who’s preyed on by various social problems. It’s not the only factor, but it’s certainly a big part of the mix.


She’ll Learn about Commitment

Being part of a dance class, your daughter will become part of a team. The class will work together on at least one routine for at least one recital, and each girl will depend on the others, so your daughter will learn commitment and team-work… which will come in handy as she matures, and moves on to other extracurricular activities, or just life in general.


There’s a Recital at the End!

There is nothing more adorable than little girls in frilly pink tutus, on a stage, trying their best to do the routine they’ve practiced for an entire season. This June recital is the reason a lot of parents keep their daughters in dance… and I have to admit, it certainly doesn’t hurt! It’s so incredibly adorable!

These are just a few of the reasons I enrolled my daughters in dance, but I’m sure there are more, depending on the girl and on the class. Does your daughter do dance? If so, why? Please share!

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