8 Reasons Teachers Rule ...


8 Reasons Teachers Rule ...
8 Reasons Teachers Rule ...

My daughter’s first-grade teacher is an amazing woman, something I learned after spending just one afternoon in her classroom, helping out. And while I love to think of my daughter’s teacher as truly unique, I know she’s not alone — most of her colleagues, other teachers, are amazing, too! Why, you ask, this pep rally around teachers? Keep reading! Here are 8 reasons teachers rule!

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They’re Highly- Educated

Most teachers have advanced degrees in Early Childhood Development or Secondary Education, which is a field, by the way, they know they can’t ever use anywhere other than at a school. This education, to them, was an investment, one that they use every day to teach our children.


They’re Dedicated

I know many teachers who arrive at school before anyone else, and are the last to leave. They spend thousands of dollars of their own money to make sure their students have everything they need to learn. They show a level of dedication I haven’t seen in any other part of the public sector… teachers rule!


They Serve as Mini-psychologist

Because they spend so much time with our children, they will open up to their trusted teachers with their questions, problems, and irritations, sometimes much easier than they will at home. Teachers help our children deal with the death of loved ones, divorces, and other traumas, serving as mini-psychologists when sometimes, we don’t even know there’s a problem, until teacher brings it to our attention. How helpful is that, how reassuring, to know you have another adult in your corner?


They’re Supportive

Without exception, every teacher I’ve ever met has spent a large part of their day encouraging our children to be their best, to search out and coax out our children’s talents and overcome their weaknesses. Teachers encourage our children, partnering with us parents to help them succeed, and feel good about themselves.


They’re Amazing at Finding Hidden Talents

Speaking of supportiveness, did you know that your little one might be a world-class speller, or mathematician, or artist, or musician? That they might be a budding anthropologist, paleontologist, or bug finder? These are all things you can find out from your child’s teacher… teachers are amazing at discovering these, and many other, hidden talents!


They’re an Advocate for Your Children!

You are your child’s most important advocate, but right there with you is your child’s teacher. They’ll go to bat for your child, making sure he or she gets everything they need to succeed, and they’ll protect them from any kind of harm, just like you…


They’re FREE

Unless your child attends private school, access to this amazing teacher, advocate, and mini-psychologist is free. Your tax dollars pay their salaries… can you think of another person who is more invested in your child, with so little actual pay from you?


If Nothing else, They Provide Day-care, Right?

At the bare minimum, teachers provide a safe, healthy environment for your child while you work or go to school yourself. If you had to pay for day care, you’d be spending hundreds of dollars per child per week… so even if you don’t recognize any of the other reasons teachers rock, this ping in your wallet has to make sense!

Please bear in mind this is a short list of the reasons teachers rule… I know there are so many more! In fact, why don’t you share a few? Why do you think teachers rule?

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