7 Fairytales That Your Daughter Should Know ...


7 Fairytales That Your Daughter Should Know ...
7 Fairytales That Your Daughter Should Know ...

Every little girl has grown up hearing stories of Cinderella and Snow White. With so many animated movies surrounding these stories being released, little girls have an intimate understanding of the story, the characters and the ultimate lesson. If you too grew up living on these stories and found yourself caught up with all the fantasy and grandeur, you may want to pass it on to your daughter. Here are 7 memorable fairy-tales that your daughter should know.

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Beauty and the Beast

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This story is one of the all time classics as it tells a tale of love, independence and character. The beautiful young girl is brave and loving enough to live with a beast to secure her father’s freedom. Later on she is able to see past his hideous exterior and fall in love with his true personality. It is a story that teaches young girls the importance of inner beauty and strength.



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Cinderella is a story of resilience and faith. The young protagonist is constantly mistreated by her stepsisters and stepmother but never loses faith in the general goodness of the world. Her optimism is rewarded when she falls in love with a prince and is taken away from the life of penury.


The Little Mermaid

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This story is all about imagination and reality. A young mermaid falls in love with a human and wants more than anything to be with him. With the help of a potion she gets her wish but then realizes that a life on land is not for her. She gives up her dream and goes back to the life she knows best.


Little Red Riding Hood

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Little Red Riding Hood tells little girls everywhere how it is important never to talk to strangers and how evil is lurking everywhere. The child is off to meet her grandmother and on the way starts talking to an evil wolf. The wolf attempts to eat her and the grandmother but both are saved just in time.


Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

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This story is an endearing one as it tells the tale of young girl persecuted for no reason other than being beautiful. The envy of her stepmother results in her living with 7 dwarfs and caring for them. She is ultimately rescued by a young prince who saves her from a poisonous apple.


Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty tells the story of a young princess being put to sleep for a hundred years after being cursed by an evil witch. It teaches the reader about resilience and faith as despite all the misfortune, all turns out well in the end.


The Ugly Duckling

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This story tells little girls everywhere that it is ok to be different. A young duckling that looks different from the others in the family is constantly teased for looking so different. Ultimately he runs away and puts up great difficulty before growing up into a beautiful swan – because that was why he looked different – he wasn’t a duck he was a swan.

All these stories are classic tales of strength, beauty and happy endings. They are sure to capture any little one’s imagination so get your copy and start story telling today.

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