8 Truths 🙌🏼 Only Pregnant 🤰🏼🤰🏻🤰🏽🤰🏿 Women Can Relate to ...


All moms have experiences they'll share the second you say you're pregnant, and then there's the truths they would rather not.

Well The BBC.co.

uk asked some moms to get down and dirty with the truth and here's what they got!

All mothers can laugh as they remember their experiences with these and all moms to be can get ready for what to expect.

1. Your Poo is like Coal


“Seriously, it was rock-hard coal coming out.

No one tells you about that”

2. You Will Never Stop Weeing

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It may feel like someone’s stuck a cork in at one end but, at the other end, it’s like a riot hose.

“You literally wee all the time,” explained one woman.

“Also, we wee like we’ve been drinking in the pub – just weeing for about two hours,” elaborated another.

3. People Tell You Their Horrific Birth Stories

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Once you reveal you're pregnant everyone decides to drop the real truth bombs.

“Nobody’s got a good story,” observed one woman.

“It’s like, ‘I was in labour for a week…I had third degree tear’ or, ‘your vagina will turn into a bucket'."

4. Morning Sickness Can Strike Any Time of the Day

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"They shouldn’t call it morning sickness.

Just sickness”, one woman suggested.

“Any time of day it can creep up on you.

Any time”, agreed another.

5. You Start Crying over a Meal Deal

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Another thing that can strike any time: hormones.

The trigger could be a sad song on the radio.

Or it could be having to choose between a pasta salad or a hoisin duck roll.

“You’re in the middle of the supermarket, picking a meal deal and it can literally feel like the end of the world,” explained one woman.

Another had a similar story.

“I’d be texting my best friend like, ‘I just cried over food again.’”

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