7 Things All Mothers Should πŸ‘πŸΌ Be Teaching Their Sons πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ ...


Your little girl is growing up too fast and you can already picture out the scene when, at 14 years old, a young man calls up the house looking for your little Sarah.

You're starting to freak out thinking about how your baby girl should still be in her tutu hugging her teddy bear.

But those days are long gone, Mom.

She's going to be out on a date with Mr.

Quarterback sooner or later.

What you tell your daughters about boys and how you tell these realities to them will depend on their age and maturity.

Below are general truths you can tell your daughters about boys to prepare them for their inevitable interaction with these fascinating members of the opposite sex.

1. Boys Love Their Mommies

It's not just because they're all Italians, boys just generally love their Mommies.

As young human beings, Mom was certainly the center of their respective universes and it's hard not to get sentimental when the subject of the discussion involves their Mommies.

Check out Robert Munsch's Love You Forever for more insight regarding mother-son relationships.

2. Boys Know What They Want

Well, most of the time they do know what they want.

They're quite simple to figure out actually.

Thomas needs a blue shirt.

Let's go to the mall, pick a blue shirt, done!

While we girls debate which among azure, periwinkle, and cerulean is a better shade of blue...

That alone tells you a lot about the girl-boy difference.

3. They Stalk You Too

They may not follow you wherever you go or check on your Facebook page every five minutes, but they have their ways of knowing how you're feeling that day or what you want for lunch.

They do that by asking seemingly innocent questions, but they're already taking notes.

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