4. It Gives a Guy the Dumbest Reason to Become Prince Charming

It’s bad enough for a girl to think she’s a princess, but it’s even worse for a guy to think he’s a prince charming.

If you think hard about it, even a real prince isn’t charming.

The sad thing is that there are guys who cultivate Princess Syndrome.

There are dads who actually encourage their daughters to think and live like a princess.

Even worse, some guys actually think they’re Prince Charming.

They walk down the aisle with the promise to treat their bride like a princess.

What a promise!

The point is, as long as girls live with the illusion of being a princess, there will also be guys who will live with the illusion of becoming a prince (a charming one at that).

That could be a real problem because if you think about it, the world has enough of them already.

Do you think Princess Syndrome is a bad thing?

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