8 Reasons to Say No when Your Kids Want a Puppy ...


It's so hard to say no to your kids when they beg for a puppy.

However, the welfare of an animal must be the most important consideration, and there are plenty of reasons why adopting a puppy might not be appropriate.

It's not being cruel;

a dog can be a ten- or fifteen-year commitment.

Here are some good reasons to say no to your kids when they ask if they can have a puppy …

1. Lack of Time

You should definitely say no to your kids regarding a puppy if you don't have the time to look after it.

The fact is that whoever the pup officially belongs to, you will end up walking and feeding it.

It's really not fair on a dog to be left alone all day, so if all adults work full-time then you can't give it the time it needs.

2. Space

Think of the space a dog needs.

Do you have somewhere to exercise it?

If not, that's another reason not to have one, as is not having a big enough home.

Most dogs aren't suited to life in an apartment;

they need a garden to run around in and plenty of room indoors.

3. Boredom

Kids often want a puppy because puppies are cute and cuddly.2

They don't appreciate how much commitment a pet needs, and they may soon get tired of walking and feeding a pup.

They certainly won't want to clean up any mess!

Guess who'll end up taking over?

Yes, you will.

4. Expense

Puppies represent a considerable financial investment, which your kids' pocket money won't cover!

There are fees to adopt or buy from a breeder, vaccinations, food, kennel fees and so on.

And if the pup needs treatment from a vet, you could pay out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

If you can't afford this, you shouldn't get a puppy (or indeed, an adult dog).

Tantrums and Begging
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