7 Lessons to Teach Your Daughter before She Starts College ...


For the past 18 years, you’ve had to deliver many important lessons to teach your daughter but in the last few months before she begins attending college and living on her own, she still has much to learn.

Consider passing on these lessons to teach your daughter before you drop her off at her dream school on move-in day.

1. Focus on School

With college comes the temptation of constant partying and socializing.

That’s why one of the most important lessons to teach your daughter at this point in her life is that it’s imperative she continue focusing on school.

Having fun is important too, but what she will be most thankful for in the long run is earning good grades and learning about her field.2

It’s hard for college freshman to think that far in the future though, which is why you need to remind her.

2. Make Connections

College is a great place and time to make connections that will help your daughter in the future.

Future employers, colleagues, and business partners are all around her.2

There are no benefits of staying in her shell throughout college, but there are infinite benefits of networking and making lasting, valuable connections!2

3. Eat a Balanced Diet

Every teenage girl dreads the “freshman fifteen”, and for good reason!

Living on your own makes it difficult to avoid unhealthy foods.

Plus, on a college budget, it’s easier to survive on a diet of coffee and ramen than on lean meats and organic veggies.

Still, you should stress to your daughter how important it is to maintain a balanced diet.

She’ll perform better in school, feel better, and stay healthier if she adheres to this advice!

Remind her that she can always shop at farmers markets if money is the concern.

4. Join the Right Crowd

College campuses are boiling over with adventurous youths.

And while it may seem that everyone there will be a devoted intellectual, that illusion will fade fast once your daughter begins meeting her peers.2

Encourage your daughter to join the right crowd.

She should join clubs, teams, or sororities that are conducive to her learning style as well as her lifestyle so that she doesn’t get herself into too much trouble while she is away.

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