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Well, that time of year is drawing closer every day and if you’re like most parents, you want some easy to execute back to school tips that you can use to jump start the big day. As a mom I sort of dread the first day of school because the long lazy days of hanging out with my kids are over and we have to go back to early mornings and doing homework. However, it’s infinitely easier with these back to school tips.

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Start Talking about It

One of the best back to school tips is to start talking about how things will go a couple of weeks in advance. That way it doesn’t sneak up on you and your child. Talk about new lunchbox ideas, ideas for getting homework done and how you can still have some fun after school and the transition back to the classroom won’t be so hard.


Get a Check-up or Physical

If your child is due for a check-up in the first couple weeks of school or will need a physical to play team sports, you can get it out of the way now when scheduling is a bit easier and you won’t have to take your kid out of class. This way, you know your child is heading back to school as healthy and ready as they can possibly be.


Go through School Papers

Chances are that in the last few weeks of summer break you’ll get a packet of papers from your child’s school. Sit down and look through them now instead of waiting until back to school night or the first day of school. Fill out any forms that need to be completed and return them right away. The school will appreciate and it and it will be one less thing for you to worry about.


Buy School Supplies

It might still be the hottest part of the summer and school is the last thing on your mind, but if you head to the store you’ll see that the school supplies are already out. Beat the rush and head over there now and stock up on what your child will need this school year. Many stores have the nearby school supply lists on hand so you know you’re getting exactly what your child will need.


Get Your Calendar in Order

Once school starts, the schedule is sure to pick up right away. Your child will have after school activities, field trips and sports practice to think about. Create a master calendar that lists each person’s daily activities and obligations so you can coordinate rides for everyone. I usually do this for the following month a week in advance. Consolidate it all and your time will be much easier to manage.


Have Some Fun

No matter whether you work or stay home with your kids during summer break, now is the time to have some last minute fun. As school approaches, the mood can get down and depressed, so plan some fun things to make the last weeks memorable. Trips to the park, lunch in a restaurant or a visit to the amusement park are all great ideas.



Nothing makes the first day of school worse than not knowing how things will go. A couple of weeks before the big day, practice getting up at the right time and being ready to go when you need to leave for school. Maybe you can use this time to do something fun since you’re up and ready to go.

Do you love or hate back to school? I mostly wish summer break would just last forever! Be that as it may, I find that these tips really help getting back into the swing of things. What do you do to be ready?

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Definately practice

If you know who will be in your child's class, maybe set a couple play dates before school starts. This can be very helpful if you're new to the school district or your child is shy or nervous. Having a friend waiting in class can help!

Im Nervous! Im going to new School this year And i don't know What the hell Is waiting for me.but that was helpful

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